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Final Draft will allow you to express everything that was necessary to develop a script. Downloading Final Draft is the best election to write a script


The best tool to write movie scripts

November 16, 2023
7 / 10

One of the greatest difficulties when it comes to writing a script is to find a program with which it's possible to place the data in the right order, giving the text the most sense possible while making sure that the creative process isn't disturbed, in those cases one of the best professional tools is Final Draft.

This program has been designed specifically to write scripts, favoring the scriptwriter's creative process. It includes all the elements that may be necessary to be able to finish any project of this kind, whether for cinema, television or theater.

Some of the elements that are worth highlighting are:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for script specifications (Headings, Action, Character,...).
  • Script notes, that will allow you to add additional information to any scene.
  • Automatic formatting and pagination to meet all the cinema industry standards.
  • Add changes after a revision or during filming, with the possibility to link them to the original text.
  • Index cards for each of the elements of the script, with the possibility to add the notes from the cards directly to the script.
  • Multilanguage grammar and spell-checking, with many possibilities as well as American and British English.

Therefore, if you're looking for a tool that will allow you to write a script with all the elements necessary for this creative process, download and try Final Draft.

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