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Script It is an application to write scripts. Script It will help any scriptwriter to improve the structure of the ideas with a specific text processor

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Script It is a software application that has been specifically designed to write scripts. It is a text processor with useful tools to write scripts. If you have ever tried to write a story for a film or short story, you will have noticed the difficulty that it entails. Writing a script requires the work to be neat and tidy, and you can use Script It for this meticulous procedure.

  Basically, Script It is a text processor divided into sections with different functions:
- Outline: a summary of the script that describes the different scenes in a very quick way, indicating the location, the characters and the action.
- Script: it is the text processor in itself. This is where you can write the full script.
- Notes: it is common to have to write notes to be able to remember ideas or things that you want to do.
- Glossary: in this section you can find a glossary with the technical words that you may find of use.
- Title Page: will help you to create the front cover of the script with the title and the author.

  Furthermore, Script It has other elements that can come in very handy, like a function to count words, or a service to search for words on the Internet.

  If you have an idea in mind and you want to write it as a script, use Script It. It will make the task much easier for you.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version doesn't allow you to print documents or export them.
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