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PriMus-DCF is an application that simplifies the management of catalogs, measurements and estimates. Download PriMus-DCF for free and check product catalogs


Software to share catalogs, measurements and budgets

January 31, 2019
6 / 10

Professional builders and constructors are sure to know PriMus-DCF because at least in Italy it is the most widespread price book, price lists, estimates and bills of quantities software.

PriMus-DCF allows us to create and check price books in a few clicks of the mouse, it also gives us the possibility to create, share and view estimates. Furthermore, in both tasks we can notice the experienced hand of Acca Software because it's all simplified to the maximum extent without losing any power. The interface is very clear and gives the user all the options necessary.

Manage your product catalogs

Furthermore, PriMus-DCF is compatible with AutoCAD so we can extract the measurements from a project and adjust the estimates accordingly. The material prices will automatically adjust for the estimates when we put in information concerning our latest purchases invoices.

One of the best things about PriMus-DCF is that the program has a design identical to the real document, what you see is what you get, but you even have the possibility to export it in web format.

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