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If you've been killing it up til now in Super Smash Bros. games, now you can continue to deliver the goods in Brawlhalla's stunning 2D field battles

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The Super Smash Bros. games have left us with hundreds of hours of fun and many blows between friends that will last a lifetime. Now we can enjoy more fights of this style (and more resentment) thanks to this free game from Ubisoft.

Lots of game modes with punches and kicks in between

Brawlhalla is a platform combat game where you can participate in impressive multiplayer battles with up to eight players. This is the mobile version of the title that has already been released for video game consoles and PCs, having been perfectly adapted to these devices.

Go for glory and earn your place in Valhalla!

In fact, the controls are completely intuitive, with the classic crosshead on the left and several attack and skill buttons on the right, including the jump (which will be one of the most used buttons in the games). In addition, these controls are customizable.

The aim of the combats is to throw our opponents off the platform and make them fall over. This way we will get a point. The games last about four or five minutes and are full of action, so you don't have to do any heavy lifting at all.

There are also 50 different characters and several game modes. This way, we can play against the machine, against our friends through the local network and against players from all over the world. We can also make teams of several members or fight all in different game modes.

This is a very fun title that has a very careful 2D graphic environment, excellent character design and some very cool effects. And on top of that it is completely free and does not contain pay-to-win advantages. If you like the genre, download the APK file, because you'll love it.

What's new in the latest version

  • New event: Back to School.
  • New weekly mode: Brawldown.
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