The best action games for Android

Download action games for Android if you want to have fun on your smartphone or tablet living adventures full of explosions, shots and fights

GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto 2.11.32 English

Return to San Andreas in this classic Rockstar game

Free Fire 1.102.1 English
Free Fire 1.102.1

Survive in this battle royale action shooter game

Call of Duty: Mobile 1.0.42 English

Multiplayer combat under the Call of Duty label

Fortnite 27.11.0-29739262 English
Fortnite 27.11.0-29739262

The Android version of the Battle Royale

Brawl Stars 52.177 English
Brawl Stars 52.177

Fun 3 vs 3 online combats

Brawlhalla 8.02 English

Fight pitched battles in Super Smash Bros. style

PUBG Mobile 2.9.0 English

The awesome PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Android devices

Knives Out 1.320.530260 English
Knives Out 1.320.530260

Survive amongst one hundred players

ARK: Survival Evolved 2.0.28 English

Survive in a prehistoric world

Gangstar Vegas 6.5.1a English

An entertaining action-packed third-person shooter

DEAD TARGET: Zombie 4.120.1 English

It's up to you to wipe out the zombie invasion

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.26.0 English

The lite version of the battle royale game

LifeAfter 1.0.331 English
LifeAfter 1.0.331

Action-packed survival game

Standoff 2 0.26.1 English
Standoff 2 0.26.1

A great first-person shooter

Sniper 3D Assassin 4.31.0 English

First-person shooter game for Android

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld 2.1.4a English

The Gangstar series moves to New Orleans

FRAG Pro Shooter 3.15.1 English

Online multiplayer first-person shooter

Hungry Shark Evolution 10.5.4 English

Control an insatiable shark and make it evolve

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival 1.0.38 English

Survive 120 assassins

Cyber Hunter 0.100.485 English
Cyber Hunter 0.100.485

A battle royale game similar to Fortnite

Omega Legends 1.0.77 English

A Battle Royale in the style of Fortnite

Free Fire India 1.100.1 English

The official version of Free Fire for India

SIGMAX - Sigma Battle Royale 1.1.0 English

Frenzied 50-player shooting matches

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 5.5.0 English

Online multiplayer shooter for Android

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies English

A Call of Duty full of zombies

Indian Bikes Driving 3D 16 English

Ride real motorbikes in this 3D simulator

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition 1.0.1d English

Multiplayer FPS for Android

Slugterra: Dark Waters 2.0.8 English

Save the world with the help of the slugs

GTA: Liberty City Stories 2.4.281 English

The official GTA game is now available for mobile devices

Special Forces Group 2 4.21 English

A first-person shooter inspired by Counter-Strike

Dmod 1.0 English
Dmod 1.0

A rudimentary-looking sandbox action game

Blood Strike 1.003.639267 English
Blood Strike 1.003.639267

An awesome multiplayer roguelike FPS

Diamond Rush Original 1.1 English

Explore the ruins in this arcade game for nostalgic users

N.O.V.A. Legacy 5.8.4a English

FPS for Android set in a spaceship

Bully: Anniversary Edition English

An action-adventure game about a juvenile delinquent in an elitist school

Counter Strike Portable 2.62c English

Unofficial Android version of the popular multiplayer FPS

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs 1.9 English

The classic of arcade machine classics is back

Chicken Gun 2.9.01 English
Chicken Gun 2.9.01

Multi-player shooter with chicken fighting

The House of the Dead: Overkill Lost Reels 1.62 English

The return of the THotD saga

GTA VIA 1.3 English

A mobile version of GTA V

Rainbow Six Mobile 0.4.5 English

Ubisoft's FPS franchise now for to cell phones

Tank Arena Steel Battle 2.0.2 English

A lighthearted tank game where you become the tank

League of Stickman 6.1.6 English

Impressive fighting game

Nextbots in Backrooms: Obunga 2.2.6a English

Escape from scary internet memes

Bright Memory Mobile 1.3 English

The first episode of a stunning FPS

Blood Rivals 2.4 English

Battle royale of realistic first-person shootings

Six-Guns 2.9.9a English
Six-Guns 2.9.9a

A shooter set in the Wild West

Creative Destruction 2.0.5761 English

The battle royale and sandbox from NetEase

Dead Space 1.1.38 English
Dead Space 1.1.38

The best horror survival on your mobile phone

Operation Freedom 0.0.9 English

Battle royale action game

Sparta Warrior: Ghost of War 1.0.4 English

The adaptation of the PSP game for Android

Great The Auto 5 1.1 English

Great The Auto V for Android

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds 11.1 English

Action game in which you will fight for your survival

CyberSphere 2.10 English

Save the earth from the attack of killer robots

Dude Theft Wars English
Dude Theft Wars

Fun game full of unnecessary and unjustified violence

BEYBLADE BURST app 9.8 English

Beyblade spinning top battles on Android

Iron Man 3 1.6.9 English
Iron Man 3 1.6.9

The official game of the third instalment of Iron Man

Apex Legends 1.3.672.556 English
Apex Legends 1.3.672.556

A great battle royale now available on Android

Grand Criminal Online 0.41.12 English

An open world to explore as a gangster

Respawnables 11.4.0 English
Respawnables 11.4.0

An Overwatch-like shooter

AVP: Evolution 2.1 English

Live the battle between Aliens and Predators

ZOZ: Final Hour 1.0.36 English

Become a mercenary for the salvation of the planet

PUBG: New State English
PUBG: New State

The most futuristic version of PUBG

Granny 3 1.1.2 English
Granny 3 1.1.2

Third part of the terrifying Granny

Ride Out Heroes 1.400052.525516 English
Ride Out Heroes 1.400052.525516

A battle royale game full of magic and epic

Rival Knights 1.2.4b English

Live your medieval adventure

Naruto Senki 2.1.4 English

Combat the endless enemy hordes with Naruto

Hyper Front 1.5.1 English

A 5v5 shooter set in a futuristic environment

BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.1.0 English

The Indian version of PUBG

Hungry Shark World 5.2.2 English

Take shark bites on your Android

ScarFall 1.6.82 English
ScarFall 1.6.82

Shooting and survival game

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z 1.065 English

You alone in the world against an invasion of zombies

Los Angeles Crimes 1.6.2 English

An open-world shooter

BuildTopia 3.3.2541 English
BuildTopia 3.3.2541

Enjoy playing a creative destruction battle royale action game

Radiation Island 1.2.3 English

Do whatever it takes to survive on an island full of dangers

Metal Slug Attack 7.13.0 English

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the action-packed classic

Dead Cells 3.3.12 English
Dead Cells 3.3.12

Help a mysterious muddy creature to escape from a castle

RAIDER SIX 1.0.22 English

Risk your life to loot the U-Element

Rope Hero: Vice Town 6.6.0 English

Deliver justice on your own by playing the role of a superhero

Just a Regular Arcade 3.4 English

Mini-games based on the cartoon series Regular Show

Tom and Jerry: Chase 5.4.40 English

Action & Puzzle Tom and Jerry game

Vegas Crime Simulator 5.2.4 English

Explore Las Vegas in this action-packed sandbox game

Real Gangster Crime 5.7.1 English

Become a small-time criminal

Modern Warships English
Modern Warships

PvP naval battle game

Project RIP Mobile 2.15 English

Kill hordes of zombies and demons

Naxeex Superhero 2.3.5 English

Superheroes game in an open world

9mm 1.0.1 English
9mm 1.0.1

Take on the role of John Loose Kannon

Ms. PAC-MAN 2.6.0 English

The female version of PAC-MAN

FortCraft 0.10.115 English
FortCraft 0.10.115

Fight to be the only survivor

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge 1.1.2 English

Help the Ninja Turtles thwart Krang and Shredder's plans

Vincenzo Death 1.0.2 English

Explore a criminal underworld

Hyper Front Lite 1.7.1 English

Light version of the epic FPS

Mimicry 1.3.5 English
Mimicry 1.3.5

Social horror game in which players must hunt or be hunted

Worms Zone .io 4.7.0 English

Game of worms in .io style

Cyber Hunter Lite 0.100.335 English

Version of Cyber Hunter for low-end smartphones

The Last Survivor: Stay Alive English

Kill all the survivors on the island

Suicide Squad: Special Ops 1.1.3 English

The official Suicide Squad game

Colossatron 1.1.1 English

Destroy absolutely everything with the robot snake

Danger Dash 3.0.3 English

Run or die

LEGO Hero Factory: Brain Attack 15.0.25 English

Save Makuhero from the attack of the brains

Project Stars 1.0.2041 English
Project Stars 1.0.2041

Colonize Breia's solar system

Arena Breakout English
Arena Breakout

FPS with impressive and realistic graphics

Superhero 2.7.2 English
Superhero 2.7.2

Become a superhero in a wide open world

MadOut2 10.27 English
MadOut2 10.27

Drive more than 40 cars in this open-world sandbox

Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days 4.0 English

Fight to be the last player standing

Gun Strike 2.0.2 English
Gun Strike 2.0.2

First-person shooter in which we have to kill terrorists

Shadowgun: DeadZone 2.10.0 English

Online multiplayer shooter for Android

Play GETTA 5 1.0 English

Play GTA saga and other games

Metal Pack 4.1 English

Emulator with six Metal Slug games

The Origin Mission 0.1.1 English

An online multiplayer FPS based on modern warfare

Mini World Royale 1.5.0 English

A battle royale with a gridded and adorable aesthetics

Standoff Multiplayer 1.22.1 English

Shoot at anything that moves

Z.O.N.A Project X 1.02 English

Survive in a world devastated by war

Payback 2 2.104.11 English
Payback 2 2.104.11

Action-packed sandbox game

Madness Combat 1.3.5 English

Delirious two-dimensional combat 5.97 English

A battle royale with miniature troops

1v1.LOL 4.17 English
1v1.LOL 4.17

Shooter with 1v1 quick start building blocks

Swag Shooter 1.5 English

A classic battle royale, but with three lives

Sausage Man 14.70 English

A Battle Royale fought out by sausages

Paranormal Territory 2 1.06 English

A horror story for your Android

Battlelands Royale 2.9.6 English

A battle royale game with childish graphics

Last Battleground: Survival 3.3.0 English

Survive a mass killing on an island

Nextbots In Backrooms: Sandbox 1.19 English

Build stages and fight with the most popular memes 3D 2 English

Collect bricks to build a castle

Battlefield Mobile 0.10.0 English

The Android version of Battlefield

Katekyo Hitman Reborn English

A game based on the popular manganime 2.1.12 English 2.1.12

Take part in a magical fight all against all

Bunny Shooter 2.8.7 English

Aim and shoot the thieving rabbits

Badlanders 1.7 English

Battle Royale type game with 25 players

Rogue Agents 0.8.31 English
Rogue Agents 0.8.31

Spectacular multiplayer third person shooter

Men in Black: Galaxy Defenders 500062 English

Save the galaxy in this stellar FPS

Xiaomi Survival Game English

Xiaomi's battle royale game

Ghostbusters World 1.16.2 English

The AR game based on Ghostbusters

The LEGO Batman Movie Game 2.80 English

Game based on LEGO's Batman movie

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores 3.5.9 English

Game about hunting dinosaurs

Neon Shadow 1.40.266 English
Neon Shadow 1.40.266

First person cyberpunk shooter

Undead Slayer 2.0.0 English

Face many enemies

Arena Breakout Lite English
Arena Breakout Lite

An impressive FPS with realistic dynamics

Noclip: Backrooms Multiplayer 2.11 English

Escape from this terrifying place with your friends

Doomsday: Last Survivors 1.17.4 English

Guide the survivors of the zombie apocalypse

Guns at Dawn 1.23.5 English
Guns at Dawn 1.23.5

A fantastic multiplayer shooter set in the Wild West

Poppy Rope Game 1.6 English

GTA-style action game with Huggy Wuggy by Poppy Playtime

Goose Goose Duck 2.15.02 English

Imagine the Among Us game starring ducks and gooses.

City Block 1.19 English

Move around in a pixelated world and complete the missions you are given

GTS: Gangs Town Story 0.27.3 English

GTA-style shooting and gangster gameplay

The Haven Star 0.1.41 English

Try to survive on a planet dominated by chaos

Hills of Steel 4.2.2 English

Fun tank game where physics has a lot to say

Eclipse Isle English
Eclipse Isle

Another NetEase 'Battle Royale'

PAYDAY: Crime War 181025.1907 English
PAYDAY: Crime War 181025.1907

Choose whether to be a cop or robber in this collaborative shooter 4.6.2 English

A really entertaining and minimalistic battle royale