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LifeAfter is an action game for Android that takes place on a post-apocalyptical scenario in which a great part of mankind has been infected by a virus

Action-packed survival game

October 26, 2022
8 / 10

Mankind has been attacked by a virus that has turned many people into something similar to zombies. That original plot gives way to LifeAfter, a multiplayer survival shooter in which you have to do whatever it takes to stay alive, fighting against the infected and being very careful with the rest of the survivors.

Beware of the survivors: create an alliance or be attacked

Our relationship with the rest of the players will affect our outcome in the game because we can create an alliance to team up with them to resist together, but we might also be attacked because they want to get hold of our belongings.

In any case, if you're into action-packed shooters, we believe that this game developed by NetEase is very similar to PUBG in terms of graphics and playability, even if it's not a battle royale, and that will definitely keep you glued to your screen for hours.

  • Do whatever it takes to survive. For this reason, you have to collect weapons or make your very own ones.
  • Explore all sorts of landscapes and settings: from abandoned cities to dark thick forests.
  • Find and team up with other survivors.
  • Build a base with the help of your allies in order to take shelter and find protection.

What's new in the latest version

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