In GTA San Andreas, there are several collectibles. Among them, you will find the horseshoes, objects that you can find at various points in Las Venturas, the last city you will visit in the Rockstar Games video game. In total, there are 50 hidden horseshoes; below, we show you a map with the location of all of them, as well as how to find them.

Map with all the horseshoesMap with all the horseshoes
  1. Under the welcome sign, next to the pyramid.
  2. At the door of a house over which the train passes.
  3. On the roof of the building.
  4. In one corner of the pool.
  5. At the entrance to the tennis court.
  6. In an alley between buildings.
  7. In the northeast corner of the building.
  8. Inside a swimming pool.
  9. On the ceiling of the building.
  10. It is located underground, in the train tunnel.
  11. In front of the casino sign, you must go up in a jetpack.
  12. Opposite the door of a garage.
  13. Under a large sign.
  14. On the roof of the building. There are no stairs to climb, so go by jetpack.
  15. After jumping over a small wall, near the light poles.
  16. On top of the building, near a sign and some electric poles.
  17. On the west wall of the building.
  18. On one of the balconies of the building.
  19. On the roof of a small building.
  20. On the roof of the casino.
  21. On top of a container.
  22. On top of a wall, next to the restaurant.
  23. Between a wall and a building.
  24. In the air, near some palm trees.
  25. Inside the airport, near the gate.
  26. At the airport, near the runway.
  27. Behind one of the airport buildings.
  28. Outside a huge hotel, on a kind of artificial island in the shape of a skull.
  29. In the waterfalls, where the water begins to precipitate.
  30. In an alley near the casino.
  31. On the roof of a tent.
  32. Over a small wooden bridge that connects two buildings, to reach it you will have to climb.
  33. On the roof of the Zip Shop.
  34. It is on top of a sign, you must reach it with a jetpack.
  35. On the second floor of the parking lot.
  36. Near the top of the largest pyramid, you must use a jetpack.
  37. Next to the pyramid, on top of a kind of roof that follows the entire road.
  38. On one of the balconies of the building, to reach the horseshoe, you need a jetpack.
  39. At the top of one of the castle towers, use a jetpack to get there.
  40. At the top of another tower, you also need a jetpack to get there.
  41. On an intermediate roof of the casino.
  42. At the door of one of the garages of the cargo depot.
  43. Between a wall and a building.
  44. In the center of this X-shaped garden, very appropriate to keep a treasure.
  45. At the top of the church, use the jetpack.
  46. Under the large bridge that connects to Los Santos.
  47. Outside one of the houses, near the wall.
  48. Outside a house, next to a container.
  49. On the roof of the church, go with your jetpack.
  50. Above a container.