The creators of GTA San Andreas added hidden objects to collect throughout the map. Specifically, 50 horseshoes are hidden in Las Venturas, a city inspired by Las Vegas and chronologically the last city in the game that you will visit during your adventure. Thanks to them, you will be luckier when playing in casinos and gambling houses.

GTA San Andreas horseshoes map

Map of horseshoes in GTA San AndreasMap of horseshoes in GTA San Andreas

There are several reasons to get all the horseshoes scattered throughout the game. First, it will help you 100% complete GTA San Andreas. But that is not all: this will also increase your Luck statistic to 100%. In addition, you will receive $100 for each one and $100,000 when you have found all 50 horseshoes. In total, $105,000 to spend on whatever you want during the game. And, to top it all off, once you collect all the horseshoes, you will find many weapons as a gift in The Four Dragons casino: an M4, a SPAS 12, an SMG, and remote-controlled explosives.

List of horseshoe locations in GTA San Andreas

Although all horseshoes are in Las Venturas, this does not mean that you will find them easily. The map of this area is still extensive, and some pieces are more hidden than others. To help you, we offer you a list of all locations, neighborhoods, and important places where to find all the 50 horseshoes in GTA San Andreas.

  1. Las Venturas. Under the welcome sign, next to the pyramid.
  2. Prickle Pine. At the door of a house, before the level crossing, where the train passes.
  3. Yellow Bell Golf Course. On the roof of the main building.
  4. Prickle Pine. In one corner of the pool.
  5. Prickle Pine. At the entrance to the tennis court.
  6. Military Fuels. In an alley between buildings.
  7. Creek. In the northeast corner of the building.
  8. Roca Escalante. Inside a swimming pool.
  9. Roca Escalante. On the roof of the building, to the left of a sex shop.
  10. Roca Escalante. It is located underground, in the train tunnel.
  11. Old Venturas Strip. In front of the casino sign, you must go up in a jetpack.
  12. Julius Thruway North. In front of a garage door overlooking the freeway.
  13. The Emerald Isle. Under a large sign.
  14. Las Venturas. On the roof of the building. There are no stairs to climb, so go by jetpack.
  15. The Emerald Isle. After jumping over a small wall, you will find it near the light poles.
  16. The Emerald Isle. On top of the building, near a sign and some electric poles.
  17. The Emerald Isle. On the west wall of the building.
  18. Redsands East. On one of the balconies of the apartment building.
  19. Redsands East. On the roof of a small building.
  20. Redsands West. On the roof of the casino.
  21. Redsands West. On top of a container.
  22. Pilson Intersection. On top of a wall, you will find it next to the restaurant.
  23. Whitewood Estates. Between a wall and a building.
  24. Whitewood Estates. In the air, near some palm trees.
  25. Las Ventura Airport. Inside the airport, near the gate.
  26. Las Ventura Airport. At the airport, near the runway.
  27. Las Ventura Airport. Behind one of the airport buildings.
  28. The Pirates in Men’s Pants. Outside a large hotel, on an artificial island shaped like a skull.
  29. The Visage. In the waterfalls, near where the water begins to precipitate.
  30. Starfish Casino. In an alley near the casino.
  31. The Clown’s Pocket. On the roof of a tent.
  32. Old Venturas Strip. Over a small wooden bridge connecting two buildings. You will have to climb to reach it.
  33. Starfish Casino. On the roof of the Zip Shop.
  34. Julius Thruway East. On top of a sign, you must use a jetpack to reach it.
  35. Royal Casino. On the second floor of the parking lot.
  36. The Camel’s Toe. Near the top of the largest pyramid, you must use a jetpack.
  37. The Camel’s Toe. Next to the pyramid, on top of a roof that follows the entire road.
  38. Come-A-Lot. On one of the balconies of the building, to reach the horseshoe, you need a jetpack.
  39. Come-A-Lot. On top of one of the castle towers, you need a jetpack to get there.
  40. Come-A-Lot. On top of another tower, you also need a jetpack to get there.
  41. The Four Dragons Casino. On an intermediate roof of the casino.
  42. Cargo containers. At the door of one of the garages of the airport’s cargo depot
  43. Blackfield Intersection. Between a wall and a building.
  44. Greenglass College. In the center of this X-shaped garden (an appropriate place to keep a treasure).
  45. Blackfield Chapel. At the top of the church, use the jetpack.
  46. Randolph Industrial Estate. Under the large bridge that connects to Los Santos.
  47. Rockshore West. Outside one of the houses, near the wall.
  48. Rockshore West. Outside a house, next to a container.
  49. Las Venturas. On the roof of the church, go with your jetpack.
  50. Rockshore West. Above a container.