Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, like every game in the GTA saga, has tricks that make it easier to get weapons, cars, money, and more in the game. However, in its Android version, it is not exactly easy to enter these codes. Below, we show you how to do it and list all the GTA San Andreas codes for Android.

How to enter codes in GTA San Andreas

The version of GTA San Andreas for Android takes as a reference the procedure for entering codes existing on PC: through codes typed on the keyboard. In other words, it is not possible to enter them with the touch controls or by combining buttons with a controller.

If you already have a wireless keyboard or a USB adapter to connect the keyboard to your smartphone or tablet, perfect, you will have no difficulty entering the codes. However, in case you do not have these devices, there is still a possibility: using an app to use the keyboard in the game. A good App that works perfectly is Hacker's Keyboard, and you can download it below.

After downloading the APK, tap on Open.

Tap Open to start installing the APKTap Open to start installing the APK

Tap on Install.

Tap on Install to install itTap on Install to install it

The app will be installed in no time, now, tap on Open to launch it.

Tap Open to open the APK you have just installedTap Open to open the APK you have just installed

With the application already open, tap on Enable Keyboard.

Tap on Enable KeyboardTap on Enable Keyboard

The system will access the keyboard settings of your Android. Activate Hacker's Keyboard.

Enable Hackers KeyboardEnable Hackers Keyboard

A dialog box will appear warning of the risks we would take in case of being an unreliable app. Accept by tapping OK.

Press OK to accept the risksPress OK to accept the risks

Another dialog box where we click on OK. The message says that the app will open once you unlock the smartphone or tablet, after starting it.

Press OK, the APP will open automatically each time you turn on your Android devicePress OK, the APP will open automatically each time you turn on your Android device

Going back to the app, tap on Set Input Method.

Tap on Set Input Method to change the default keyboardTap on Set Input Method to change the default keyboard

Change the current one and activate Hacker's Keyboard.

Choose Hackers KeyboardChoose Hackers Keyboard

Now, tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings to access the APP’s configurationTap on Settings to access the APP’s configuration

Scroll down until you find the Use permanent notification option, activate it.

Enable the Use permanent notification optionEnable the Use permanent notification option

Now, start GTA San Andreas, and from anywhere in the game, swipe down from the top of your Android device looking for the notifications panel. Next, you should have a Hacker's Keyboard option active. Tap on it.

Tap on Hacker's Keyboard to launch the keyboard on the screenTap on Hacker's Keyboard to launch the keyboard on the screen

From the game, write the code from beginning to end. If you get the pause menu with the map, first, tap in the middle of the space bar to get out of it and be able to write the ingame code. You may see the game camera spinning around, but not to worry, the codes should work just the same. You can write it in lowercase or uppercase. Once you have finished typing, the code should be activated. You will know that this is the case thanks to the Cheat On message displayed at the top margin of the screen.

After writing the code, it will activateAfter writing the code, it will activate

GTA Andreas for Android code list

Weapons and ammunition codes

  • Minigun, thermal vision visor, and dildo: BIEUHQY
  • Pistol with silencer, chainsaw, combat shotgun, submachine gun, rifle, thermal rocket launcher, and C4: GOIZSSX
  • American fist, baseball bat, 9mm pistol, rapid-fire submachine gun, AK-47, shotgun, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, and spray: BEFWKSBQ
  • Knife, pistol, sawed-off shotgun, Tec-9 submachine gun, carbine rifle, marksman's rifle, flamethrower, grenades, and fire extinguisher: SHHIHJJG
  • Infinite ammunition: NECUMZ

Vehicle codes

  • Bloodring Banger: BIGLWCDD
  • Caddy: DAHESZY
  • Hotring Racer (version 1): BGJPSYC
  • Hotring Racer (version 2): BIEAVBAY
  • Hydra: AWPTMIIQ
  • Rancher: HPGPIJZ
  • Rhino: AYNVQVK
  • Romero: PSPNATX
  • Stretch: IXSMWCQ
  • Trashmaster: QPOLSVK
Hydra plane, after appearing thanks to the code AWPTMIIQHydra plane, after appearing thanks to the code AWPTMIIQ

Traffic codes

  • Reduced traffic: DEHDRX
  • Sports car traffic: FRIUBIL
  • Rural car traffic: JTBCSN
  • Black car traffic: GOYDVAO
  • Pink car traffic: GYKVYTR
  • Traffic lights on green: ENQCFMA

Other vehicle-related codes

  • Perfect driving: DLNNHZJ
  • Reckless drivers: IOKXTFJ
  • Nitrous oxide cars: WUSDOTO
  • Flying cars: DOTBSFK
  • Flying cars when crashing: JBVIJXA
  • Explosion of all cars: BKFONFE
  • Your vehicle becomes indestructible and blows up every vehicle it touches: BXBTUBTI
  • Flying boats: PTHSEO
  • Jumping with bicycles: TDBKCEH
The code BKFONFE will make all the vehicles blow upThe code BKFONFE will make all the vehicles blow up

Pedestrian codes

  • Armed pedestrians: GDNXHDK
  • Hostile Pedestrians: FARYJHZ
  • Armed hostile pedestrians: ERFBFNI
  • Pedestrian fights: NJXPCYE
  • All pedestrians dress up as Elvis: LNHVOAE
  • To display life, armor, and pedestrian dialogs: JQFUDUB

Gang codes

  • Los Santos gang is everywhere: EAMLJNN
  • Gangs everywhere: HAPOHXR
  • Recruit one person and the gang carrying guns: JEZRPI
  • Recruit a person and gang carrying AK-47: AWIOMPH
  • Recruit a person and the gang carrying rocket launchers: QAONHOH

Health and money codes

  • Partial invincibility: BLOKKIK
  • Total invincibility: GONPXWR
  • Health, armor, and $250,000: PJYNQCQ
With the code PJYNQCQ you will gain 250,000 dollars, health, and armorWith the code PJYNQCQ you will gain 250,000 dollars, health, and armor

Object codes

  • Parachutes: GSUMLEG
  • Jetpack: CDGUDEP

Statistics improvement codes

  • Highest respect: MTGIISR
  • Maximum Sex-Appeal: APGZLQR
  • Maximum fatness: AESHXWQI
  • Maximum muscularity: SGVDSQW
  • Maximum muscle and fat: AWXDCRJ
  • Maximum resistance: AEZLCKXU
  • Maximum lung capacity: POOOJOX
  • Maximum driving ability: VQIMAHA
  • Maximum assassin skill on all weapons, plus invisible cars: SDWBWHE
  • Highest gambler level: AFJKBNRP

Time and date change codes

  • Sunny day: AAEXPPQC
  • Very sunny day: HTRTTVJ
  • Cloudy sky: VBWEMQX
  • Rain: TAVPIER
  • Storm: EAKILHM
  • Fog: EGCEBVM
  • Sandstorm: JBWDWWO
  • Advance 4 hours: YACKMWS
  • The game moves fast: EHWBWDS
  • Time goes by very fast: OWAKIJ
  • Time passes very slowly: FNJFCZC
  • It is always 9 PM: KTGDLXY
  • It is always midnight: AWUJNBB
The code JBWDWWO will start a stormThe code JBWDWWO will start a storm

Police chase codes

  • 0 stars: KDTZNHO
  • 6 stars: GWJZWC
  • Up 2 stars: NCBXXDX
  • The police are not after you: BYKGOAB

Thematic codes

  • Rural theme: OAXCCRI
  • Circus theme: HDLIWGB
  • Beach theme: BWCMMTD
  • Pimp theme: BNIZWSB
  • Criminal theme: AAUSQP

Various codes

  • Suicide: SLOTSFK
  • Complete the current mission: BYIXZIY
  • Driving and shooting at the same time: RYSMRM
  • Punches kill: LRMYOJM
  • Stop being hungry: KBTMUVH
  • Super Jumps: BFMANNZP
  • Adrenaline: SLSNRKKK
  • Chaos all over town (permanent code): AKOZBCH