Many games have cheat codes and shortcuts that let you obtain weaponry, vehicles, unique characteristics for your character, or even money in abundance to expand your catalog of tools by using a magic word. And in GTA San Andreas, you will find many of these cheats in the form of secret codes. Once you know them, nothing will resist you in the game. However, there is a drawback: you won't be able to earn achievements.

How to enter codes for GTA San Andreas for Android

Since time immemorial, games like Grand Theft Auto have contained secret codes that you can enter to activate special functions or features. Some of them will be very useful to advance in the game or to get further with less effort. Others, however, are limited to being funny or curious to look at.

The problem is that these codes need a keyboard. And if you are playing GTA San Andreas for Android, it will not be that simple to use them because, during the game, the Android virtual keyboard cannot be activated. In addition, the codes cannot be activated by buttons or gestures.

The good news is that when something seems impossible on Android, there is always a third-party app or trick to make things work. So, let's look at the options available for entering codes in GTA San Andreas.

How to enter GTA San Andreas codes with a physical keyboard

The most natural solution is to enter GTA San Andreas codes with a physical keyboard. Remember that an Android smartphone is like a computer: you can connect external peripherals, such as keyboards, to it. You can do this either by using a USB cable with an adapter or leveraging Bluetooth connectivity (like when connecting a gamepad).

Today, it is easy to find wireless keyboards, with or without an integrated trackpad, that you can use on your computer, Android smartphone, or smart TV. Just pair them to the device as you usually do with your Bluetooth headphones, smartwatch, or similar devices.

Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard on AndroidPairing a Bluetooth keyboard on Android
  1. Turn on the keyboard.
  2. Go to the Settings app on your phone.
  3. Search for Bluetooth in the Settings search bar.
  4. Activate the option to search for Bluetooth devices.
  5. Tap the keyboard name when it appears in the list of detected devices.
  6. Test if everything works. Now, your keyboard and smartphone are paired via Bluetooth.

With a wired keyboard, the process will be even easier: just plug it in, and that's it. The hard part is getting a keyboard with a cable compatible with your smartphone. USB is not the same as mini USB or USB-C. Fortunately, you can find small and relatively inexpensive USB adapters that solve this problem.

How to enter GTA San Andreas codes with a keyboard app

If you do not have a physical keyboard at hand or do not want to spend money on it, you can opt for using the Android virtual keyboard. However, you won't be able to use the official one because it does not work during gameplay (at least in GTA San Andreas). But some applications solve this problem.

The iGame virtual keyboardThe iGame virtual keyboard

There are many keyboard apps for Android, but not all of them can be activated while playing GTA San Andreas. You can use, for example, AnySoftKeyboard, Always visible numeric keypad, or iGame. However, if you search the internet, you will surely find more options. The last two add a shortcut to the Android notification bar to let you open the virtual keyboard from the notifications bar when playing GTA San Andreas. To work, these apps will ask you to activate the Show over other apps feature.

List of secret codes for GTA San Andreas for Android

Here is a selection of the best cheats and secret codes you can activate in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. You will enjoy exclusive weapons, ammunition, exclusive vehicles, in-game upgrades to reduce difficulty, more health, more money, and much more. But, in return, you will not be able to unlock achievements.

Weapons and ammunition codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Minigun, thermal vision visor, and dildo: BIEUHQY
  • Pistol with a silencer, chainsaw, combat shotgun, submachine gun, rifle, thermal rocket launcher, and C4: GOIZSSX
  • American fist, baseball bat, 9mm pistol, rapid-fire submachine gun, AK-47, shotgun, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, and spray: BEFWKSBQ
  • Knife, pistol, sawed-off shotgun, Tec-9 submachine gun, carbine rifle, marksman's rifle, flamethrower, grenades, and fire extinguisher: SHHIHJJG
  • Infinite ammunition: NECUMZ
  • Thug guns: LXGIWYL
  • Professional Weapons and Tools: PROFESSIONALSKIT
  • Nutter Weapons and Tools: UZUMYMW
  • Infinite ammunition: FULLCLIP
  • Killer level in all weapons: PROFESSIONALKILLER
In a weapon store in GTA San AndreasIn a weapon store in GTA San Andreas

Vehicle codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Bloodring Banger: BIGLWCDD
  • Caddy: DAHESZY
  • Hotring Racer (versión 1): BGJPSYC
  • Hotring Racer (versión 2): BIEAVBAY
  • Hydra: AWPTMIIQ
  • Rancher: HPGPIJZ
  • Rhino: AYNVQVK
  • Romero: PSPNATX
  • Stretch: IXSMWCQ
  • Trashmaster: QPOLSVK

Traffic codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Reduced traffic: DEHDRX
  • Sports car traffic: FRIUBIL
  • Rural car traffic: JTBCSN
  • Black car traffic: GOYDVAO or IOWDLAC
  • Pink car traffic: GYKVYTR or LLQPFBN
  • Traffic lights always green: ENQCFMA or ZEIIVG
  • No traffic: GHOSTTOWN

Other codes related to vehicles for GTA San Andreas

  • Perfect driving: DLNNHZJ
  • Reckless drivers: IOKXTFJ
  • Aggressive drivers: YLTEICZ
  • Nitrous oxide cars: WUSDOTO or SPEEDFREAK
  • Flying cars: DOTBSFK
  • Flying cars when crashing: JBVIJXA
  • Invisible cars: WHEELSONLYPLEASE
  • Fast cars: VERYONEISRICH
  • Make all cars explode: BKFONFE or CPKTNWT
  • Your vehicle becomes indestructible and blows up every vehicle it touches: BXBTUBTI
  • Flying boats: PTHSEO
  • Jumping with bicycles: TDBKCEH

Pedestrian codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Armed pedestrians: GDNXHDK or FOOOXFT
  • Hostile Pedestrians: FARYJHZ
  • Armed hostile pedestrians: ERFBFNI
  • Pedestrian fights: NJXPCYE
  • All pedestrians dress up as Elvis: LNHVOAE
  • See the life, armor, and dialogs of the pedestrians: JQFUDUB
  • Movements slow down: SLOWITDOWN
  • Jump higher: CANGURO
  • Recruit anyone: ROCKETMAYHEM
  • A bounty hunter chases you: BAGOWPG
  • See a description above the character's heads: JQFUDUB
Clothes store in GTA San AndreasClothes store in GTA San Andreas

Gang codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Los Santos gang is everywhere: EAMLJNN
  • Gangs everywhere: HAPOHXR
  • Recruit one person, and the gang carries guns: JEZRPI
  • Recruit a person, and gang carries AK-47: AWIOMPH
  • Recruit a person, and the gang carries rocket launchers: QAONHOH

Health and Money Codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Partial invincibility: BLOKKIK
  • Total invincibility: GONPXWR
  • Health, armor, and $250,000: PJYNQCQ
  • Health and vest to the maximum: HESOYAM
  • Almost infinite health: BAGUVIX
  • Infinite oxygen: CVWKXAM
  • Adrenaline mode: ANOSEONGLASS

Object codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Parachute: GSUMLEG
  • Jetpack: CDGUDEP

Stats upgrade codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Maximum respect: MTGIISR or WORSHIPME
  • Maximum Sex-Appeal: APGZLQR
  • Maximum fatness: AESHXWQI
  • Maximum musculature: SGVDSQW or TURNUPTHEHEAT
  • Maximum muscle and fat: AWXDCRJ
  • Maximum resistance: AEZLCKXU
  • Maximum lung capacity: POOOJOX
  • Maximum driving ability: VQIMAHA
  • Maximum assassin skill on all weapons, plus invisible cars: SDWBWHE
  • Highest gambler level: AFJKBNRP
  • Maximum level in all skills: NATURALTALENT

Time and weather change codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Very sunny day: HTRTTVJ or PLEASANTLYWARM
  • Clear day: ALNSFMZO
  • Cloudy sky: VBWEMQX or CFVFGMJ
  • Fog: EGCEBVM
  • Sandstorm: JBWDWWO or CWJXUOC
  • Advance 4 hours: YACKMWS
  • The game moves fast: EHWBWDS
  • Time goes by very fast: OWAKIJ
  • Time passes very slowly: FNJFCZC
  • It is always 9 PM: KTGDLXY
  • It is always midnight: AWUJNBB or NIGHTPROWLER
Nighttime in GTA San AndreasNighttime in GTA San Andreas

Police chase codes for GTA San Andreas

  • 6 stars: GWJZWC
  • Rise 2 stars: NCBXXDX
  • The police are not after you: BYKGOAB

Thematic codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Rural theme: OAXCCRI
  • Circus theme: HDLIWGB
  • Beach theme: BWCMMTD
  • Pimp theme: BNIZWSB
  • Criminal theme: AAUSQP

Other codes for GTA San Andreas

  • Suicide: SLOTSFK
  • Complete the current mission: BYIXZIY
  • Driving and shooting at the same time: RYSMRM
  • Punches kill: LRMYOJM
  • Stop being hungry: KBTMUVH
  • Super Jumps: BFMANNZP
  • Adrenaline: SLSNRKK
  • Chaos all over town (permanent code): AKOZBCH