Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features several collectibles scattered throughout the map. Among them, you will find the 50 oysters, objects which are submerged in water areas, making it necessary to dive to collect them. Below, we show you a map with the location of each oyster, as well as explaining how to find them.

Map of oysters in GTA San AndreasMap of oysters in GTA San Andreas
  1. At the pier, on the shore of the beach.
  2. Shortly after the end of the pier.
  3. Under the bridge.
  4. Under another viaduct.
  5. In the southwesternmost part of the pier.
  6. In the sea, deliberately descending from a bend in the road.
  7. There are two small bridges for pedestrians, it is under one of them.
  8. Next to the lighthouse.
  9. In the middle of the lake, under the bridge.
  10. In the swimming pool at the mansion.
  11. In a lake located in the middle of several houses.
  12. Under a bridge.
  13. Again, under a bridge.
  14. Near a dilapidated dock located on the beach.
  15. Under the southbridge (the smallest).
  16. Once again, under the bridge.
  17. Near the shore of the small beach.
  18. Under another bridge.
  19. Under a viaduct over which the railroad passes.
  20. Under a bridge.
  21. Under a bend in the road, to the northwest.
  22. On the southernmost bridge in GTA San Andreas.
  23. Again, under a small wooden bridge.
  24. In this rocky area, under the bridge.
  25. Under the huge bridge located parallel to the mountain.
  26. In a lake located on the side of the road.
  27. Next to the ship docked at the pier.
  28. Under the pier, you will have to dive underground.
  29. Next to a ship, in a dangerous area where you will face the army.
  30. At the end of the platform.
  31. Under the bridge.
  32. Below the ship, at a certain depth.
  33. Under the bridge with a design quite similar to that of San Francisco, in its southern part.
  34. On the north side of the same bridge.
  35. Under the lighthouse.
  36. Under a bend.
  37. Under the stern of a ship.
  38. Under a small bridge.
  39. Near a bridge, but head several meters south to find the oyster.
  40. Below one of the towers emerging from the water.
  41. Under a small bridge.
  42. There are two bridges, look under the smaller one, located to the east.
  43. At the pier situated at the end of a small road.
  44. In one of the northernmost points of the map, near a small boat.
  45. At the northeast end of the game map.
  46. Inside a swimming pool.
  47. Submerged in the casino waterfalls.
  48. Near the entrance to a hotel.
  49. In a hotel pool.
  50. In the middle of a small square pool.