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Arena Breakout is a first-person shooter war game where your mission is to collect resources, kill, and cooperate if you want to survive the war...


FPS with impressive and realistic graphics

April 17, 2024
7 / 10

The Tencent studio provides a fully immersive a war in this Chinese title. Your mission is to kill the enemy by shooting and not die trying.

Immersive first-person experience

Arena Breakout is a war FPS that stands out mainly for its extraordinary realistic 3D graphics. Thus, it manages to provide an excellent immersive experience from the first minute of the game.

The goal is to complete diverse missions where you basically have to locate the enemy, attack, and survive. Of course, to do this, you have a full arsenal, including weapons such as submachine guns, pistols, knives, and even grenades. Weapons are key to make your way through the hostile territory, as will be your battle skills and strategy.

As for the controls, there is a virtual joystick to move freely around the stage and buttons to shoot, reload ammunition, jump, crouch, lean sideways, and throw grenades. Also, you will have to equip yourself with protection pieces and lots of weapons before you accept each mission.

Technically, it's a marvel and runs smoothly even on less powerful devices. Downloading the APK file is free, although it is in Chinese. The good news is the dynamics are so intuitive that you will be able to play without a problems, although you must create an account on WeChat or a similar social network.

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