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Don't worry if you forget passwords. Cain & Abel is a program that allows you to recover them. Download Cain & Abel for free and recover lost passwords


Easily recover your passwords in Windows

September 18, 2015
7 / 10

If you've ever forgotten an application's password or if you want to audit the security of one of your computers, Cain & Abel will probably come in handy. This software is perfect to try to recover or find out any password that has been used on your Windows operating system.

Never lose a password

Unlike other similar applications, Cain & Abel doesn't take advantage of errors in the operating system or generate bugs, it searches in the cache, analyzes logs, uses brute force and even checks stored conversations, among other methods, so its search isn't based on damaging the system.

To start off, the possibilities that Cain & Abel find a password are relatively high, even though it will be up to the user to configure everything properly to maximize the possibilities. So you have to be patient because, in general, the passwords for Outlook, a Wi-Fi network or important applications can be extremely complicated to find and may require a lot of processing time to be found.

It's important to remember that the program's features can generate notifications from antivirus applications, this is due to the fact that since it is an application with a somewhat harmful nature it can be detected as a security problem.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It's necessary to have WinPcap 4.1 installed.
  • Due to its functions, this software may be detected as a threat by some antivirus programs.
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