Password Managers for Windows

With the password managers for Windows that we offer you'll be able to keep all your access keys safely protected by means of a master password

Cain & Abel 4.9.56 English
Cain & Abel 4.9.56

Easily recover your passwords in Windows

hashcat English

Efficient tool to decrypt passwords

Advanced RAR Password Recovery 4.54.110 English

Manage to access files compressed with a password

Password Revealer English

Discover the passwords hidden behind the asterisks

PasswdFinder English

Find all your lost passwords

Twitter Password Decryptor 11.0 English

Recover Twitter passwords stored on the browser

Mail PassView 1.91 English

Recover the password for your email account

Browser Password Decryptor 14.0 English

Recover the passwords stored on your browser

KRyLack Archive Password Recovery 3.70.69 English

Extract passwords for ZIP, RAR and ACE files

CD Key Finder 1.2 English

Always have the key of your Microsoft applications at hand

Password Spectator 3.20 English

Discover the password hidden behind the asterisks

Key Maker 2.0.072203 English
Key Maker 2.0.072203

Generate and remember passwords based on your favorite sayings

ProduKey 1.93 English
ProduKey 1.93

Comfortably view your operating system's serial number

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder English

Quickly discover your Windows CD key

Password Decryptor 3.31.107 English

Discover the passwords hidden behind the asterisks

Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.33.1788 English

Recover your lost passwords from any Microsoft Office file

Password Checkup 1.12 English

Check whether your passwords have been compromised by data leaks

KeeFarce English

The tool that can steal KeePass passwords

Windows License Key Dump 7.0 English

Recover software license keys

SterJo Key Finder 1.8 English

Discover the hidden passwords

BruteForcer 0.9.1 English

Recover or discover the hidden password of any file

Keepass Password 2.51.1 English

The most secure way to manage your user accounts

Dashlane 6.2044.0.40862 English
Dashlane 6.2044.0.40862

Your personal Internet assistant

LastPass 4.94.0 English
LastPass 4.94.0

A secure place to store passwords

PWGen 2.9.0 English
PWGen 2.9.0

Instantly generate secure passwords

Any Password 2.0 RC3 English
Any Password 2.0 RC3

A very practical and secure way to manage your passwords

SaferPass 6.7.28 English
SaferPass 6.7.28

Protect all your passwords

Password Boss 2.0 English

Store all your passwords in a single safe place

SysPopper Beta 0.7 English
SysPopper Beta 0.7

Get passwords in Windows

Keeper Password Manager 15.1.0 English

The safest password manager

Kaspersky Password Manager English

Carry out operations over Internet securely

SoftKey Revealer 2.8.0 English

Recover your applications' product licenses

Logins Saver 3.4.5 English

Save all your passwords securely

SpotIM 2.2 English
SpotIM 2.2

Recover the passwords from your instant messenger programs

ALLPassword Manager 2.3 English

Fill in forms automatically

Nucleus Kernel Hotmail MSN Password Recovery 4.01 English

Access your Hotmail accounts once again

MSN Password 2.0.384 English
MSN Password 2.0.384

Get your lost password from MSN Messenger

Data Guardian 7.0.5 English

Keep your private date and passwords safe

1Password 8.6.0-51 English
1Password 8.6.0-51

A manager for all your passwords

Password Safe 3.55.0 English

Encrypt your passwords to protect them