4.95.0 LastPass is a password manager that allows to create a secure account where to store your passwords. Download LastPass free and avoid memorizing passwords
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LastPass is a complete password manager that will allow you to remotely and securely store all your passwords. Each day it is more common to use passwords to access various services via Internet, and each day it becomes more difficult to remember all these passwords. Saving the password in the browsers that you use can be dangerous. Therefore, you need a program like LastPass.

Main advantages of LastPass

  • Easy-to-use: you will be able to have all the passwords saved and easily access your accounts.
  • Secure: provides complete security to avoid online fraud.
  • Reinforced protection: all your data is encrypted on your PC.

The last password that you will have to remember!

Once you install LastPass on your computer it will automatically attach to all the web browsers that you have installed. From there onwards, each time that you try to enter any of your accounts, you will be able to store the account with its password securely. What's more, LastPass allows to organize the passwords into groups, for example, electronic mail, bank accounts and online shopping.

Download LastPass free and securely and comfortably manage all your passwords.

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Scott McLure
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