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Dashlane is a tool that will speed up your browsing over Internet. Download Dashlane free, it will act as if it were your personal assistant when browsing


Your personal Internet assistant

November 23, 2020
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We spend a large amount of our time browsing the Internet, be it for professional or personal reasons. Due to this the amount of accounts and passwords that we have to use has also increased substantially, something that can be controlled perfectly with Dashlane.

A personal assistant and password manager

Many people may think that the idea behind Dashlane is none other than to offer a password manager, but that is no way near what its developers have in mind, because the main purpose of the program is to be a personal assistant.

Its main interface works as a private data manager, offering the possibility to input personal data, different types of personal ID and accreditation and multiple online services accounts, with their corresponding password. Giving the user the opportunity to synchronize this data with any device which has the application installed.

Your purchase data safeguarded.

As well as this, Dashlane allows the possibility to store all the information necessary to be able to carry out transactions over Internet with credit o debit cards or using PayPal, in such a way that the user will never have to input the data when purchasing something. And once any purchase is completed it will add the relevant data to a list so that the user has a clear idea about each transaction.

All these features make Dashlane an essential tool to be able to speed up browsing and complete purchases over Internet more securely. Download Dashlane free today.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This application requires Internet Explorer, Chrome v16 or above or Firefox v4.0 to 11.0 to be installed.
  • It is necessary to create a free user account to use the application.
  • The PayPay and debit or credit card data isn't synchronized to maximize security.
  • It is necessary to have an Internet connection.
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