Beta 0.7 Michael Bailey has developed a program that comes to prove that almost anyone can become a real-life cybercriminal. Modify admin passwords with SysPopper
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The computer expert Michael Bailey has developed and published a tool capable of modifying PC admin passwords, as well as creating new accounts to softmod Windows: SysPopper.

The feared password is back to a star role.

How SysPopper works

This ISO image, which requires a virtual environment to work, replaces the sethc.exe file with cmd.exe, a system previously used by advanced users to recover lost passwords.

After installing the program, which is still a Beta, you only have to open it, hit Enter, choose the language, confirm the action and wait for it to close. To reactivate the development, just press Shift five times, a command that usually opens the window to enable or disable Windows special keys, a window that we've all come across once in our lifetime. On this occasion, it will open a console from which we can modify the system's password settings.

Simple and efficient commands

From this window, the user will be able to create accounts or change admin passwords. These are the most important commands to try out Bailey's program in Beta version:

  • net user: view the list of users of this computer.
  • net user Administrator password: change the admin's password to password.
  • net user newadmin password /add: add an account called newadmin whose password is password.
  • net localgroup Administrators newadmin /add: establishes the user newadmin as the PC's admin.
Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a Beta version.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Michael Bailey
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