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PasswdFinder finds the passwords that are saved on your PC. Download PasswdFinder for free and you will also be able to make a backup of your passwords


Find all your lost passwords

March 31, 2019
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How many usernames and passwords are you capable of remembering? With PasswdFinder you won't need to. If you forget any of your details to access your email, social networks and other accounts, act fast and use PasswdFinder to recover them.

Recover the passwords that you thought you had lost.

The idea behind PasswdFinder is to help the user recover the passwords that are stored on the PC and to make a backup of them. Thus, in the case of computer failure you won't have to worry about the loss of login information for the services you use.

How does PasswdFinder work?

PasswdFinder is very easy to use. Once you launch the application, it scans your PC to find all the access codes for the services that you use. If you prefer, you can filter the search by program name.

Once it has found all the relevant information, it allows you to print it or export it to HTML, XML, Excel, TXT, PDF, etc. Be careful when storing these files to guarantee your privacy.

Download PasswdFinder for free, and you'll be able to recover those passwords you had forgotten.

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