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Instantly generate secure passwords

February 2, 2021
7 / 10

PWGen should instantly become an essential application on your computer because thanks to the latter you will be able to create passwords that are totally secure for any service that requires one. With PWGen you will have the total security that your passwords are really difficult to find out.

Create ultrasafe passwords

Following a set of parameters that the user will be able to configure and others that program will set, it will be possible to obtain more or less secure passwords, depending on the set length and their contents. PWGen will allow us to indicate if we want results that contain low or high case letters, numbers or even full words.

The final length of the passwords will be no problem at all for PWGen because it can generate as many as necessary in just a few seconds, what's more, it is possible to encrypt the result and store the configurations.

One of its most interesting features is the possibility to create a totally random password to protect a Wi-Fi connection, thus making sure that any software that tries to obtain it will have to spend days at a time to try to find it out.

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