ABF Password Recovery

ABF Password Recovery is a tool destined to the recovery of Windows passwords from any PC. Download ABF Password Recovery to find out different passwords


Recover passwords from different Windows programs

October 8, 2009
5 / 10

The most secure place to store passwords for electronic mail accounts, FTP access codes, and Internet page login information, is your brain. But what happens if one day you forget all these passwords? In those cases you have an emergency solution: you can try ABF Password Recovery.

ABF Password Recovery is an application that allows the user to instantly recover forgotten or lost passwords for common applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Internet Explorer.

Where to use ABF

This application is particularly useful if you use one of the following programs:

  • Internet Explorer.
  • Outlook Express and Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Microsoft Office Access.
  • Far manager.
  • Total Commander.

What's more, ABF Password Recovery provides useful tools, like Password Picker, that allows us to view passwords hidden under asterisks or Hidden Passwords, that is capable of finding hidden passwords in the programs that are currently running.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version with limited use.
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