Call of Duty 5

World At War
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Download Call of Duty 5 for free, a wartime FPS. Compete alongside the allies in the Second World War in Call of Duty 5 thanks to this multiplayer client


Relive the Second World War and join the allies

October 21, 2020
7 / 10

Anybody who plays shooters will know Call of Duty, a franchise of war games that take place in the Second World War. Call of Duty 5 takes you back to the battlefield.

Redefine the Second World War

The story of Call of Duty 5 develops along two threads. This time you'll be in charge of commanding the allied army on missions in the Pacific. You will also form part of the Soviet front to avoid the taking of Stalingrad by the Nazis. Your contribution is fundamental in both battles to be victorious.

Call of Duty 5 features

  • Wartime first person shooter (FPS).
  • Relive episodes such as Peleliu, Makin, Okinawa or Berlin.
  • Includes cooperative and multiplayer game modes.
  • Great arsenal of weapons with interesting new additions such as the flamethrower.
  • Same technology as in Call of Duty 4.
  • Classifications and statistics extended to all game modes.

Start checking your ammo...

Multiplayer games are one of the main attractions of Call of Duty 5. With this multiplayer client that we offer, you can enjoy this game mode competing against "soldiers" from all over the world. As you can probably imagine, only the survivors can leave the battle victoriously...

Download Call of Duty 5 for free and fight for the interests of the allies in the middle of the Second World War.

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