ChiliBurner is a simple application to create optical discs that can burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Record your favorite films and videos thanks to ChiliBurner


Create copies of your favorite optical discs

September 6, 2012
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Optical discs (CD, DVD and Blu-ray) are one of the most widely spread media when it comes to distributing both music and films, as well as being used in many cases to be able to send large files to other users. And to be able to burn your own optical discs at home nothing better than ChiliBurner.

The easiest way to burn a disc

The first thing worth noting of ChiliBurner is how easy it is to create discs, because it will simply be necessary to drag and drop the files onto its interface.

To make creating the different types of optical discs even easier, ChiliBurner is divided into tabs, each of which is focused towards a specific kind of disc:

  1. Data. Storage of files in multiple formats.
  2. Audio/Music. Creation of discs that can be played on conventional CD decks or equipment capable of reading MP3.
  3. Films. Optical discs focused towards enjoying video files.
  4. Identical copy. Physical copy of an existing disc or the creation of disc images.

Thus, each time the it is necessary to use ChiliBurner to create a disc it will only be necessary to work with the minimum amount of options, and always focused towards the desired objective, without having to deal with the options relevant to other projects.

Therefore, if you want to have access to one of the easiest ways to create optical discs that exist, you only have to download ChiliBurner.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
  • The trial version adds a watermark to the videos files.

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