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Extracting the chords from a song is very easy with Chordify. This cloud application shows us guitar tabs and notes. Access and use Chordify for free

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If you are a musician and you are interested in extracting the chords from a song, access Chordify, a web page to which you can upload an audio file or input a URL address of a song on YouTube or SoundCloud to extract the chords.

Extract high quality chords to play or practice with them.

  • Obtain the notes and chords of your favorite songs.
  • Upload your audio files or use URL addresses for YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Create a loop with whichever parts of the song you want.
  • Check the harmonic information on the guitar tabs.
  • Create your own profile with the songs you have analysed.
  • Find out which songs have been recently analyzed with Chordify.

Musical ear

If you are a musician you will be aware of how important and difficult it is to extract the chords from a song. Chordify makes things easier, showing the chords on a grid. By clicking on each note you will go directly to that part of the song.

Practice at home

Get hold of your favorite songs and put them through Chordify. Apart from the notes, you will be able to see the guitar tabs, which is perfect to practice at home. Nothing better than your favorite music to enhance your instrumental skills.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The audio files uploaded to the service cannot exceed 10 MB.
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