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Control all the time that you spend on the computer

October 25, 2018
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Each day it becomes more important to know what you have spent your time on while you have been in front of the computer, especially when you work on various projects and you have to invoice different companies for each job. To do this you can use Chrometa.

Tool to improve your productivity

Unlike other similar products, Chrometa doesn't use a chronometer to calculate the time that you spend on each project. Instead of this, Chrometa opens together with the system and controls all the applications that are opened and the time that each one of them is the active windows.

By means of this data, Chrometa creates a series of reports and diagrams that are related to each one of the programs. To be able to assign each program or moment to a work project or to free time, all you will have to do is choose the application and indicate it.

What's more, Chrometa allows the possibility to create rules to automatically assign certain programs to specific projects and even to specify what they are assigned to depending on the day or the time at which they are used.

Therefore, if you want to control absolutely all the data about the time that you spend on the computer, download and install Chrometa.

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