Download Coffee right now and keep your computer active until all file transfers have been completed. With Coffee your computer will always stay awake


Avoid your computer falling asleep at the wrong moment

May 30, 2014
8 / 10

You left a very heavy file downloading and you have to go out, therefore, if your computer enters standby mode, you'll go offline and have to resume your download later on. Coffee is a simple program that will keep your computer awake for as long as you need.

Considered a Caffeine for Windows.

With Coffee you can keep your computer active until the transfer of the files you're uploading or downloading has been completed. This is as easy as establishing the size of the data to be transferred on its main configuration panel, so that once that amount is transferred, the program will stop all its activities.


  • Prevent your computer from going into Standby mode.
  • Establish the amount of data to be uploaded or downloaded.
  • Possibility to launch the program upon start-up.

Download Coffee and make use of a simple, but efficient, tool that will help you to save energy on your computer, whilst you control when your computer can fall asleep.

Elies Guzmán

With a degree in History, and later, in Documentation, I have over a decade of experience testing and writing about apps: reviews, guides, articles, news, tricks, and more. They have been countless, especially on Android, an operating system...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel