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Crazy KartOON offers you spectacular car races on inconceivable tracks. Enjoy the action, speed and entertainments offered by Crazy KartOON, download it now


Compete against other cars in fun races

August 24, 2011
6 / 10

There are many car games that offer very realistic simulations of the biggest racing competitions, while there are others that offer the incredible sensation of enjoying the speed and the adrenaline of illegal races, but you can't forget about the great racing games that have only been created to entertain the player, like Crazy KartOON.

This simple car game offers very colorful graphics and an incredible sensation of speed. Crazy KartOON offers three different kinds of game (Training, Race and Customized) and very simple controls, offering you the possibility to play using only six keyboard buttons.

Furthermore, as well as the sensation of speed that it provides, Crazy KartOON offers another aspect worth highlighting that many players really enjoy when looking for a game to have a good time, it includes weapons. All you'll have to do is gather the boxes that are spread around the track to have access to rockets with which you can wipe out your opponents.

Therefore, download Crazy KartOON and enjoy some decent entertainment.

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