CutMaster2D is a program to optimize cutting. Download CutMaster2D and you will know which is the best way to cut material and improve its performance


Get hold of the best cutting optimization

March 23, 2019
7 / 10

CutMaster2D is an interesting cutting optimization program with which we will be able to increase the productivity off all the material we have to cut. In specific companies, it is necessary to cut material into smaller parts, like, for example, in a woodwork, metalwork or glass factory. If we want to cut a board into smaller parts, CutMaster2D will offer us all the necessary tool to make the most of as much material as possible.

Discover the best way to cut different materials

All that we have to do is input the size of the boards or panels that are going to be cut and on the other hand the size and the shape of the resulting pieces. CutMaster2D will calculate for us which is the best possible way to cut the board to get the largest amount of smaller pieces. Thus, we will be able to know how to cut the board and the material that will be left over.

CutMaster2D allows you to export the results of your calculations as XML and AutoCAD, as well as being able to import Excel documents. This software will allow you to save a lot of material, to optimize your work, and all in all, to save time and money.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version doesn't allow us to open, save nor print the files.
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