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V-REP is a complete application to simulate and experiment with virtual robots in 3D. Download V-REP to have access to an integrated work environment


Robot simulation software in 3D

June 18, 2018
6 / 10

V-REP is a virtual robot experimentation platform. It's a 3D robot simulator within a complete integrated environment that is based on a distributed control architecture.


  • Edit and simulate all kinds of robotic systems and subsystems.
  • Connect the scripts directly to objects of the scene.
  • Ideal for multi-robot applications.
  • Model the systems with an experience very close to reality.
  • Perfect for remote monitoring, hardware control, prototypes and verification, simulation of factory automation, etc.

The ideal tool to experiment with virtual robots

V-REP is ideal for industrial engineering tasks. Customize an unlimited amount of operational scripts simultaneously. It has more than 300 API functions, it quickly calculates to improve the physical simulation of the real world and the integration between objects, it has support for all kinds of particles to simulate different situations, accurate detection of distances and collisions... A wide range of alternatives.

Download V-REP and carry out all kinds of tests with industrial robots in a 3D environment.

Héctor Hernández

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Antony Peel