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With Fritzing you can create the printed circuit boards of your designs, document prototypes and share them with other users. Download Fritzing for free


Great printed circuit board schematics editor

May 30, 2018
8 / 10

Fritzing is a complete tool to automate the process of electrical designing, with which it is possible to create circuit board diagrams, mount the prototypes on a virtual test board and even choose the best circuit routing to build the PCB.

Excellent tool to delve into the world of practical electronics.

It's a perfect tool for both the educational and professional fields, being of great help for electronics teachers, engineers and electronics enthusiasts.

Find all the features that you need to create your own prototype

Among the options available in Fritzing, it's worth highlighting that it allows you to:

  • Build a virtual protoboard or test board, generate the diagram of a circuit or use the auto-router (manual or automatic mode) to design your PCB.
  • Add notes to the designs and share them with other users.
  • Use multiple components and work with layers.
  • Access the online project gallery.

From Fritzing's interface you'll be able to access three different views to create a project:

  1. Protoboard view: represents the view of a test board or real prototypes, allowing you to sketch how you would connect the components on a real board.
  2. Schematic view: shows the components and the connections in abstract form by means of symbols. The classic circuit board schematics used by engineers and electricians.
  3. PCB view: allows you to obtain a preview of how the components would be distributed on a physical printed circuit board (PCB). In this section it will be possible to choose the best positioning of the components and their connections.

Download Fritzing for free and learn practical electronics at home on your PC.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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