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Daily Themed Crossword offers up a themed crossword to solve every day in the hopes that it'll keep our brains active and our minds awake and engaged

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Word puzzles always help give the old coconut a boost so it doesn't decay away. Crosswords are one of the best games you can play. PlaySimple Games presents a very simple but very well-designed game with an exquisite interface, offering us a different themed crossword every day. Are you ready to face this linguistic challenge?

Choose from a variety of themes including movies, sports, technology, games, history, architecture and more!

Improve your vocabulary and have fun doing crossword puzzles

If you like crosswords, you now have a game for Android that will help you refine your language and trivia skills and learn new words. To play, as usual, you just have to give an answer for each clue, and you can switch between horizontal and vertical words at any time by touching the screen. Also, when you find the answer to certain special words, you'll be rewarded with additional letters that help you fill in the remaining boxes.

But what if you get stuck? Daily Themed Crossword lets us invest our coins in extra clues, it's that simple. There's also a complete system of achievements and rewards for the most consistent players who play daily to test their knowledge of popular culture.

Every day we have a new themed crossword puzzle. We can have fun, entertain ourselves, and learn a little all at the same time. Some of the topics we find are:

  • Games.
  • Technology.
  • Sports.
  • Architecture.
  • History.
  • Music.
  • Harry Potter.
  • Environment.
  • Disney.
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