The best word games for Android

Show off your wide vocabulary and your skill and sharp eyesight when it comes to finding, building or guessing words and definitions in our selection of word games, word puzzles and crosswords for Android

Words With Friends 19.001 English

Play building and crossing words with whoever you want

Wordscapes 2.2.2 English
Wordscapes 2.2.2

Join letters and discover hidden words 1.4.12 English 1.4.12

Guess the word in this multiplayer game

Wordfeud 3.6.28 English
Wordfeud 3.6.28

Have fun playing building and crossword games

Scrabble GO 1.63.1 English
Scrabble GO 1.63.1

The most classic of classic word games

Word Link 2.7.6 English
Word Link 2.7.6

Word game for Android about connecting letters

Word Crush 3.2.3 English
Word Crush 3.2.3

Entertaining cross-word game

Word Cross 1.0.134 English
Word Cross 1.0.134

Guess the words on the panel

Wordalot 6.004 English
Wordalot 6.004

Find the word hidden in the picture

Typing Tutor 2 English

Improve your typing level

Word Riddles 3.0 English

Solve the riddles and complete the words

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles 1.60.1 English

Have fun putting your spelling and general knowledge to the test

Wordscapes Search 1.18.1 English

Word searches to relax and keep the noggin active

Type Sprint 1.0.17 English
Type Sprint 1.0.17

Type as fast as you can to win typing races

Just Riddles 1.0.29 English
Just Riddles 1.0.29

Solve the riddles with just a word

Word Surf 3.4.2 English
Word Surf 3.4.2

Puzzle and word search game

Word Collect 1.211 English

Find all the hidden words

Words With Friends 2 17.603 English

Word game to play with friends and other users

Words of Wonders 4.3.3 English

Join letters and build the words hidden on the boards

AlphaBetty Saga 1.97.1 English

Join letters, form words, and solve the panels

Classic Words 2.6.2 English

Play with words and learn new vocabulary

Words to Win 1.841 English

Answer questions at full speed

Wordzee! 1.162.0 English
Wordzee! 1.162.0

Form words and earn lots of points

Garden of Words 2.2.10 English

Word puzzles in a flowery garden

Word Across 1.0.76 English
Word Across 1.0.76

Entertaining word game

Word Academy 2.0.5 English

Find the hidden word in the grid

Word Search 1.21 English

Find the words hidden on the panel

Knotwords 1.0.45 English
Knotwords 1.0.45

Puzzle game halfway between crossword and sudoku

Wordgrams 1.32.11850 English
Wordgrams 1.32.11850

Compete with other players to solve crosswords

Word Farm Adventure 5.18.2 English

Save the family farm by finding hidden words

Crossword Jam 1.454.0 English
Crossword Jam 1.454.0

Find the hidden words

Words Crush 20.1123.01 English
Words Crush 20.1123.01

Find all the hidden words

Word Juice 1.6.2 English
Word Juice 1.6.2

Train your brain with lots of crossword puzzles

Word Search Quest 1.60 English

Assorted alphabet soups with incremental difficulty

Word Shuffle 1.0.80 English
Word Shuffle 1.0.80

Entertaining word game for Android

Alphabear 2 01.12.00 English
Alphabear 2 01.12.00

A beasty word game

Spelling Quiz 2.7 English

Take part in a spelling quiz

Crossword Quest 1.6.2 English

The perfect blend of a crossword and word search

PixWords 2.60 English
PixWords 2.60

Find all the hidden words to finish the puzzle.

Boggle With Friends 17.53.1156 English

The classic word game in a virtual version

Word Search Addict 1.129 English

Fun word search game

Serendipity 1.6.6 English

Solve game matching words

Wordington English

Solves crossword puzzles to reform the mansion

BAIKOH 1.7.11 English
BAIKOH 1.7.11

Introducing the New word Tetris

Word Stacks 1.10.2 English
Word Stacks 1.10.2

Swipe your finger across the letters to find hidden words

Word Crossy 2.6.8 English

Crossword game for Android

Word Charm 1.0.76 English
Word Charm 1.0.76

Find the words hidden on the panel

Word Connect 6.317.385 English
Word Connect 6.317.385

World building game for Android

Word Cookies 22.0316.00 English
Word Cookies 22.0316.00

Word building game for Android

Word Guru 6.3 English

Game about finding hidden words

Numbers and Letters 11.9 English

The game based on the classic TV contest about numbers and letters

The Alphabet Game 3.6 English

The Android adaptation of the famous quiz show

Ruzzle Adventure 1.5 English

It's time for a word search

Letroca 3.5 English
Letroca 3.5

Combine letters to build words

Tapwriter 1.3.2 English
Tapwriter 1.3.2

Improve your typing while you play


The original word game by Mattel

Ruzzle 3.7.5 English
Ruzzle 3.7.5

The more words you build, the better

Word Crack 4.20.0 English
Word Crack 4.20.0

The multiplayer game about building cross words

Word Search Explorer 1.122.0 English

Relaxing word search game for cell phones

Words Champ 2.0.0 English

Find the hidden words

Lingo 1.0.4 English
Lingo 1.0.4

Search for four-, five-, and six-letter words.

PCH Wordmania 2.2.5 English

Solve puzzles and win real prizes

Figgerits 1.6.0 English
Figgerits 1.6.0

Find out the words to find the code

Word Maker 1.0.35 English
Word Maker 1.0.35

Travel around the globe while discovering hidden words

Word Blitz 5.71.2 English
Word Blitz 5.71.2

Form words in all directions

Wordix 1.03.13 English
Wordix 1.03.13

Will you find the hidden word in six tries or less?

Wordaily 1.0.44 English
Wordaily 1.0.44

Find the hidden five-letter words

Word Challenge 1.1.16 English

Discover a five-letter word in six tries

Wordly 0.1.25 English
Wordly 0.1.25

Guess a word in six tries

W Challenge 1.6 English

Word game with Wordle gameplay

Word Season 1.31 English

Relax looking for hidden words

Bouquet of Words 2.0.14 English

Insert letters and find the hidden words in each grid

Word Bakery 2021 1.0.7 English

Form words by ordering the letters

Pocket Show 1.0.5 English

Word game in a quiz show format

Word Pizza 3.5.8 English
Word Pizza 3.5.8

Join the letters to form words

Word Line 0.38.0 English
Word Line 0.38.0

Connect letters to find the hidden words

Word Nut 1.153 English
Word Nut 1.153

Connect the letters and find all the hidden words

Top 7 1.0.11 English
Top 7 1.0.11

Have fun playing with words

Word Show 1.1.8 English
Word Show 1.1.8

Find all the hidden words

Words 1.0.17 English
Words 1.0.17

Original word searches with various game modes

Word Lanes 1.15.0 English
Word Lanes 1.15.0

Relax by completing word puzzles

Wordox 5.4.12 English
Wordox 5.4.12

Word game Scrabble style

Wordmonger 2.4.3 English
Wordmonger 2.4.3

Write words with the letters to form crossword puzzles

Shortyz 4.4.3 English
Shortyz 4.4.3

Downloadable crossword collection

Crossword Puzzle 2.7.130 English

Hundreds of crossword puzzles in Spanish, English and Portuguese

NY Times Crossword 4.31.0 English

Face the official New York Times crossword puzzle

Bonza 3.3.7 English
Bonza 3.3.7

Puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word games

Crosswords with Friends 50.0.30 English

Solve modern crosswords on your Android

Word Heaps 4.3 English

Work out your brain with fun crossword puzzles

StopotS 1.2.1 English
StopotS 1.2.1

A Scattergories-like game on your cell phone

Daily Themed Crossword 1.540.0 English

Daily crosswords for Android

Words Episode 2.6 English

Escape from prison by solving puzzles

Word Story - Prison Break 1.04 English

Help Alan to escape from prison in this word game

Infinite Word Search Puzzles 4.35g English

Discover the hidden words in the word search

Words Story 1.8.7 English

Guess the words to escape from prison

94 Seconds 6.0.22 English
94 Seconds 6.0.22

Addictive word gaem

Pictoword 1.10.23 English
Pictoword 1.10.23

Guess a word with two images

WordCookies Cross 21.1018.09 English
WordCookies Cross 21.1018.09

Build words with letters and complete the panels

Stop 3.28.0 English
Stop 3.28.0

An Android version of Scattergories

Hangman 4.1.1 English
Hangman 4.1.1

Find the world before being hung on a tree

Luckiest Wheel 4.2 English

Android version of the Wheel of Fortune

Crazy Wheel 2.6.0 English

The mobile version of the wheel of fortune

Letroca Word Race 1.700.01 English

Play Letroca with your friends

Wordie 8.0.1 English
Wordie 8.0.1

Find out the word that relates the images

Word Monsters 1.0.18 English

Locate words on the board

Wordament 4.0.11240 English
Wordament 4.0.11240

Make words in a worldwide competition

Velocidactil 1.0.10 English
Velocidactil 1.0.10

Improve your typing on your phone

Word Crack Mix 2 3.7.3 English

An original word game developed by Etermax

Alphabet Game 2.9.5 English

Game based on the popular TV quiz show

Associations 1.4.0 English

Search for connected words within a group

Word Trip 1.492.0 English
Word Trip 1.492.0

Travel the world looking for words

Calming Crosswords 1.2.1 English

Relax while forming words

Wordus 1.7.1 English
Wordus 1.7.1

Find the hidden five-letter word

6 Tries 1 Word 1.0.34 English

Find out the hidden word in six tries (or less)

Worded 1.0.1 English
Worded 1.0.1

Can you guess the hidden word in six tries?

Alice's Resort 1.1.25 English

Renew a resort with the power of words

WordBrain 1.45.1 English
WordBrain 1.45.1

Fun word search puzzles to get your noggin going

GuessUp 3.13.0 English
GuessUp 3.13.0

Guess the word and share some laughs with your friends

Wordling! 0.13.5 English
Wordling! 0.13.5

Find the word of the day without exhausting your attempts

Word Mansion 1.4.0 English

Decorate an old mansion by completing crossword puzzles

Star of Words 1.0.39 English

Find the words hidden in the grid

Typeshift 1.2.4 English
Typeshift 1.2.4

Entertaining word puzzles

Words in Word 9.2.1 English

Form as many words as you can with the letters

Smart Words 1.2.2 English

Alphabet soups and other word games

Wordloco Word Search 1.2.5 English

Relax solving wordsearch puzzles on your Android

Wordful 2.3.0 English
Wordful 2.3.0

Find the hidden word by joining the letters

The Big Crossword 1.0.24 English

The largest crossword in the world is on your Android

Kryss 7.10 English
Kryss 7.10

Crossword puzzles turn-based on your Android

Word Domination 1.21.11 English

Scrabble's new online version

TuttiFrutti 3.1 English

Challenge your friends in this word game

Word Life 5.6.4 English
Word Life 5.6.4

Solve crossword puzzles while enjoying the views

eTabu 7.0.8 English
eTabu 7.0.8

A fun word game to play in teams

Charades 2.9 English

Brighten up the holidays with this social game of guessing words

Word Spells 2.4.11 English
Word Spells 2.4.11

Fun crossword puzzles to have fun and expand your vocabulary