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Play the classic Hangman straight on your Android smartphone or tablet thanks to the mobile version of the popular game about finding hidden words

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Who hasn't spent a boring class of maths or philosophy having a game of Hangman with classmates? You can now relive this word game on your Android device by downloading the APK of Hangman to your smartphone or tablet.

A game to improve your language level.

The game follows suit to the classic version played with paper and pen. Choose the letters to fill in the gaps and be able to guess the word. Each mistake will add a body part to the poor guy who will end up hanging from a tree if you don't manage to find the hidden word.

How to play Hangman on your phone?

  • 3 difficulty levels and over 5,000 hidden words.
  • Choose to play alone or against a friend.
  • Choose the letters from the panel to fill in the gaps.
  • Each mistake means a new body part: head, trunk, legs and arms.
  • When you're just one mistake away you'll be able to use the clues given.
  • Clues available: discard letters, information about the hidden word or purchase letters.
  • Try to guess the word without wasting clues to preserve your coins.
  • The more letters you guess, the more points you'll earn: longer words help you to increase your score.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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