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3.1.2 Word Crush is a crossword game application for Android where the goal is to find those words that match the theme of the level that we are playing
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How good are you at finding words in games? Because that is precisely what you are going to have to do in Word Crush, a crossword puzzle where you must try to locate each of the words according to the proposed theme for each level.

Find the words in the correct order

This word game is similar to many other word games we have seen. However, it has some unique features, such as having to locate the words in the correct order to unlock the others.

In each of the levels, there is a theme, and the words in the panel are related to it. Our goal is to find them from bottom to top or from top to bottom and from right to left or from left to right by sliding your finger over them. We cannot skip letters, so we will always have to find the whole word so that it disappears and is placed at the top.

This is an entertaining game of progressive difficulty where you will be able to experience as you progress through the game how the difficulty level increases on each one of the screens. These are its main features:

  • Slide your finger to find the words.
  • Set up all the blocks while you guess all the letters correctly.
  • Unlock wallpapers as you progress.
  • Move through the thematic levels.

What's new in the latest version

  • Adds new levels.
  • Optimizes the user experience.
  • Bug fixes.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
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