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Combine letters in Word Crack to build words. Download Word Crack Mix 2 free for Android now and you will be able to challenge your friends and other users

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Were you waiting for Word Crack Mix 2 for Android? You can now enjoy this word game where speed is essential to beat you rivals.

Find the maximum amount of words in just two minutes.

Word Crack consists of a 4x4 grid in which you have to join adjacent letters (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) to make words.

The objective: get the highest score

As in most games, the more points you obtain the more chances you have of winning. After playing three rounds of two turns, of two minutes each, the player with the most points wins. To do this you must be the fastest to find the words, using the special tiles on the board and also with the help of special "Power-Ups".

There are five special powers that you can buy with the coins you earn in the game:

  • Knowledge. Visualize the route of up to three words on the grid.
  • Whisper. Obtain suggestions, but without them being revealed on the board.
  • Freeze. Stop the timer for 15 seconds.
  • Fire. Double the points for the words you find during 20 seconds.
  • More time. For 30 seconds, you gain an extra 2 seconds for every letter you use in a word.

Download Word Crack free for Android and face a linguistic duel against the clock.

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Antony Peel
3 months ago
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