DiRT Showdown

DiRT Showdown will place you behind the wheel of a demolition derby car, with which you will have to compete in matchless races. Download DiRT Showdown


Take part in incredible races in which everything is possible

July 26, 2012
8 / 10

Demolition derbies are very important events in USA, with thousands of people going to the stadiums to watch how the drivers try to destroy the cars of their rivals or compete in races where everything is legal. And now you will be able to become one of these drives in DiRT Showdown.

Overtake, crash or destroy! Everything is legal!

In the races in which you will compete in DiRT Showdown it doesn't matter if you crash into your opponents, your cars have been selected due to their derelict condition for exactly that purpose, to crash and destroy. During the races you will end up in the middle of multiple crashes with people coming in from all the angles, or then again you can always try to avoid them and take advantage.

Look in all directions, you never know where they next blow will come from.

In each track you will have to take into account the intersections and control the position of each of the opponents, because this could be what helps you reach the finish line in one piece.

As well as the races in DiRT Showdown you will be able to compete in destruction derbies, where the only objective is to manage to leave all enemy vehicles out of the fight. Or to complete challenges set by your friends over the Internet.

The graphics of DiRT Showdown are worthy of a prize and the realistic physics with which the elements break off the cars after each crash are surprising. And all this comes along with a great soundtrack that is worthy of the game, helping the player to feel the adrenaline pump up.

Download DiRT Showdown to discover what awaits you in this incredible title.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Steam to be installed and an account on that service to be able to play.
  • The demo only allows to play the first race and access certain of the game's options.
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