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DiscSpace will take care of optimizing the organization of the data of your hard drive. Download DiscSpy to find out which files are clogging up your drive

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On many occasions we realize that we have lost lots of space on our hard drive, without really knowing how we have occupied it and it is really bothersome to have to go folder by folder till will find the gigantic and unnecessary files that we have to delete to gain some space on our computers.

  DiscSpy will help us to discover, by means of a graphic system, which folders occupies most space on our system, the free space and the way in which the files are distributed on our hard drive, allowing us to access any folder (or subfolder) directly from the application and thus delete all those files that we don't need or that are obsolete. From the system files to your favorite downloading softwares folder, it will all be reflected graphically thanks to this interesting tool.

  Don't let any more space be occupied on your hard drives, and keep track of the used space thanks to DiscSpy.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or above.
Michael Narwojsz
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