DiscWrapper is a tool that can be used design the covers of your CD and DVD very easily. Download DiscWrapper free and customize all of your optical discs


Design and print covers for your optical discs

September 9, 2010
8 / 10

DiscWrapper is a free and rather simple application with which we can design and print the covers and the labels for the discs that we burn on our computer, in such a way that, once they are in their boxes it is a lot easier to know their contents and we don't have to place the CD or DVD in the drive once again to find out.

Discover how simple it can be to design the covers for your discs

The program has four different presets, that cover the most popular packaging methods. Once we have select the one that we are going to use, we can add images (with the possibility to modify the size and orientation), text (with the option to modify the font) and lists (that are generated automatically from the names of the files that can be found in a specific folder).

Once we have finished our design, we will have the opportunity to print the result, with the case marks so that we can cut it directly or export it as JPG, BMP or PNG to share it with whoever we want.

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