Disk Wipe


Disk Wipe can format hard drives and clean out all their contents. Download Disk Wipe for free to maintain your hard drives and and clean them out


Erase and clean your hard drives

June 27, 2012
7 / 10

Disk Wipe is the perfect software to erase hard drives. With this program, you will be able to format a hard drive in a matter of minutes, even at the lowest level. This program doesn't require installation so if we need an application to format hard drives, Disk Wipe may be the easiest to use.

Leave your hard drive brand new

Once we launch Disk Wipe we will have all the information about the systems hard drives to easily check them. Furthermore, the fact that Disk Wipe is freeware and open source allows us to know that its developments have been relatively supervised. Quality software applications to format hard drives aren't very frequent and it's what this software offers.

Even though this software doesn't include added functionalities, when it comes to cleaning and deleting hard drives it does offer various options like low-level formatting, or perform security deletions of partitions.

And since it uses a very clear interface, that the vast majority of users won't have any problem understanding, it can be used by users of all levels to format hard drives.

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