Dragon Ball Z Budokai X

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai X will provide you with the opportunity to become any of the legendary characters from Dragon Ball to fight against your enemies

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Many people have enjoyed Son Goku and his friends' adventures in the famous Dragon Ball anime TV series. Now we can relive the most epic battles from this series on our computer with Dragon Ball Z Budokai X.

Take part in epic fights with Dragon Ball characters

This game, completely programmed using MUGEN, offers 3 different game modes: Campaign mode, in which we'll have to complete a series of different missions (that will vary depending on the character chosen), that will allow us to unlock new characters and settings, a Battle mode in which we can choose different characters and settings for the combat (we'll be able to organize battles with up to 6 characters), and an online mode to play against other users.

All the famous characters from the anime series will be available: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Trunks, Mr Boo, Freezer,... each one with different special attacks and abilities.If you want to enjoy a simple, but entertaining game based on a famous anime series, download Dragon Ball Z Budokai right now.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X
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