Street Fighter 4

Download the video of Street Fighter 4 to discover all the new features that the saga offers. Street Fighter 4 stands out for graphics and new characters

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The Street Fighter saga doesn't need an introduction. It was a total revolution in the video game arcades, with a choice of characters and playability that gave it unprecedented success among fighting games in the early nineties. Street Fighter 4 brings the Capcom creation to the 21st century, and in this demo video you can see why.

Without losing its essence

Street Fighter 4 is designed in a three dimensional environment, but the action still takes place in the original two dimensional view. Cinema effects and new combo attacks have been added such as Focus Attacks and Ultra Combos, as well as some new additions to the existing classic characters from Street Fighter 2. All in all, Street Fighter IV is packed with interesting new stuff, without losing the essence of the game that's so important to fans.


  • New three dimensional designs with movie effects that don't alter the classic two-dimensional Street Fighter combat.
  • Rendered graphics.
  • New techniques and attacks.
  • New characters as well as the originals from Street Fighter II.

Don't hesitate to download the video of Street Fighter 4 and discover everything it has to offer.

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