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DreamMail is an email client that will exceed all your expectations. Download DreamMail and use elegant templates to create very interesting messages


Customize your emails with templates

May 7, 2024
9 / 10

If you are tired of using the Microsoft Outlook email client, or you want to try out other options, DreamMail is a quality alternative. It has all the basic functions from any client, as the list of contacts, RSS reader, and the most common mail protocols, what's more, it has a large number of templates so that the emails that you send have a personal touch.

Manage several email accounts at once

DreamMail allows you to manage various email accounts, and even access the web version of your accounts from its interface. You will be able to see various lists of received messages, like for example, a list that only includes the mail received on the same day. DreamMail includes an integrated RSS reader and the possibility to send voice messages.

But one of the most noteworthy features of DreamMail is the number of templates available to customize the messages that you send. When you are going to create a new email, you will have a large list of templates available with various designs.

Other interesting features of DreamMail are: antispam filter, remote control of email server, powerful mail search engine and HTML mode view. Don't think twice and download DreamMail, you will see how it convinces you.

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