Communication Software for Windows

In the category of communication software for Windows you've got all the tools you need to talk, exchange messages and send emails to your contacts

Facebook 2022.1209.5.0 English
Facebook 2022.1209.5.0

The desktop client for the most popular social network

WhatsApp Messenger 2.2245.9.0 English
WhatsApp Messenger 2.2245.9.0

The official version of WhatsApp for Windows

TikTok English

The trendy social network for music videos


Become a video star on the Internet

Instagram English

Official Windows client of the popular social network

Facebook Messenger 396. English
Facebook Messenger 1750.10.103.0

Chat with your contacts from your desktop

Microsoft Outlook 365 16.0.15128.20280 English
Microsoft Outlook 365 16.0.15128.20280

Microsoft's email client

WeChat 3.8.1 English
WeChat 3.8.1

The Windows version of the popular Chinese messaging app

Zoom Cloud Meetings English

Workplace Video Calling App

LINE English

Instant messaging from your PC

Windows Live Messenger 2012 English

The departed Messenger by Microsoft

Skype English

Text messages, calls and video calls to and from phones and PCs

Snapchat English

The Windows version of the popular instant messaging app

Twitter English

Official client of this social network

imo English

Talk to your friends from your PC

Telegram Messenger 4.5.2 English

Telegram's desktop client for Windows

Viber English

Windows client of the chat and video call app

Tango 1.6.14117 English
Tango 1.6.14117

VoIP client for voice and video calls

LinkedIn 2.1.7098.0 English
LinkedIn 2.1.7098.0

The desktop app for the social network for professional contacts

PictureMate - View hidden FB pics 3.1.13 English

Search for hidden pics on Facebook

Yahoo Mail English

Access to your Yahoo email account

Turbo Mailer 2.7.10 English
Turbo Mailer 2.7.10

Send mass emails

WA Web Plus 3.2.6 English

An extension to use WhatsApp Web with more functions

Flatbook for Chrome 3.16.5 English

Extension to make it easier to read contents on Facebook

Pinterest English

The most inspirational social network app for Windows

Free Email Extractor 6.6.3 English

Easily gather email addresses

Facebook Like Button 1.0.3 English

Share any interesting content on Facebook

Zello English

Send voice messages from your PC for free

WhatSender 8.1 English

Send multiple WhatsApp messages from your PC

IncrediMail 2.5 English

Customize your email's appearance and give your friends a surprise

Windows Live Mail 2012 English

Microsoft's multi-account email client

WhatsappTime 15.2.1 English
WhatsappTime 15.2.1

Alternative WhatsApp client for Windows

Clownfish Voice Changer 1.50 English

Change your voice in real time

Messenger for Desktop 3.0.8 English

Facebook Messenger on your Windows desktop

IMVU 540.0 English
IMVU 540.0

Instant messaging and chats in 3D environments

Stellar Converter for OST English

Convert your Outlook emails to PST format

ThatsaPC English

Chat on WhatsApp from Windows

Pinterest Save Button English

Pinterest extension for Microsoft Edge

Facebook for Adobe AIR English

Facebook desktop client

JustVoip 4.15.785 English
JustVoip 4.15.785

Make low cost phone calls thanks to VoIP technology

Mail Bomber 11.4 English

One of the best massive email delivery programs

WhatsApp Pocket 4.2.0 English

Backups of WhatsApp chats on your PC

Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1 English

Manage all your accounts from the same application

WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone 10.0 English
WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone 10.0

WhatsApp backups on your PC

Inky 2.2 (17) English
Inky 2.2 (17)

Receive all your emails in a single client

GApp 1.0 English
GApp 1.0

Program to access Gmaul and Google Calendar

SoliCall Pro 1.11.50 English
SoliCall Pro 1.11.50

Reduce the background noise in voice conversation over the net

MSN Messenger 7.5 .0324 English

The best instant messenger on your Windows XP

Telefuel 0.3.4 English
Telefuel 0.3.4

Alternative Telegram client focused on productivity for PCs

Skype English
Skype Portable

The portable version of the popular VoIP client

QQ International 2.11 English

The messaging application to communicate at global level

KakaoTalk English

Kakao's solution to be connected

Wassapp 1.1.1 English
Wassapp 1.1.1

WhatsApp client for Windows

TeamSpeak 3.5.6 English
TeamSpeak 3.5.6

Speak and chat with your friends on the Internet

Thunderbird 91.9.0 English
Thunderbird 91.9.0

An alternative to traditional email clients

Pirch 98 English
Pirch 98

One of the most popular IRC clients of its time

Nudge 1.0.74 English
Nudge 1.0.74

Improve your productivity when working with your computer

Mailspring 1.10.2 English
Mailspring 1.10.2

Mail client to boost user productivity

Combin English

Increase your popularity on Instagram

Talk! English

Dating tool for Windows

Gramblr 1.0.0 English
Gramblr 1.0.0

Upload pics to Instagram from your PC

Pamela Skype English
Pamela Skype

Conversation recorder and answering machine for Skype

Facebook Chat Desktop 1.1 English

Desktop client for Facebook chat

VoipWise 4.15.785 English
VoipWise 4.15.785

Very complete VoIP client

Pin It On Pinterest 0.9 English

Allows readers to share your WordPress posts on Pinterest

DreamMail English

Customize your emails with templates

SkypeLogView 1.55 English

Find out all the data that Skype stores

Visual Chat English
Visual Chat

Create your own chat channel in 3D

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 English

Total communication for companies

Psi 1.4 English
Psi 1.4

Simple and efficient instant messaging client compatible with Jabber

Pegasus Mail 4.73 English

Free e-mail client that is full of features

Outlook Connector 14.0.5139.5001 English
Outlook Connector 14.0.5139.5001

Use your Hotmail accounts straight from Outlook

Tribler 7.2.2 English
Tribler 7.2.2

Innovating social network that simplifies the exchange of files by P2P

POP Peeper 4.5.2 English
POP Peeper 4.5.2

The easiest way to be always aware of your email

2Peer 0.87 English
2Peer 0.87

Share your files in your own private net through Internet

ooVoo English

VoIP client to chat with your contacts

Spark English

Complete mail client compatible with different services

IGdm 3.0.3 English
IGdm 3.0.3

More features for Instagram messaging

Jitsi Meet 2.10.5550 English
Jitsi Meet 2.10.5550

App for making VoIP and video calls

Twist 516 English
Twist 1.0.3

Instant messaging for work teams

Emoticon 5.9 English

Hundreds of smileys for your chats and emails

Signal 6.1.0 English
Signal 6.1.0

Instant messaging and chat app that guarantees anonymity

Franz 5.6.1 English
Franz 5.6.1

14 messaging services in 1

MicroSIP 3.19.7 English
MicroSIP 3.19.7

A lightweight program to make phone calls

Mail, Calendar, and People 16005.11425.20190.0 English
Mail, Calendar, and People 16005.11425.20190.0

Plan your day and keep in touch

WhatsApp Recovery 2.6.1 English

Whatsapp recovery tool for iPhone and Android

Hangouts 2021.818.419.1 English
Hangouts 2021.818.419.1

Google's chat for Windows

VineClient 1.0.4 English
VineClient 1.0.4

Control Vine with your browser

Aether 2.0.0 English
Aether 2.0.0

A totally free opinion network

Foursquare 11.18.0 English
Foursquare 11.18.0

A social network to share places and locations

WalkieTalkie 4.0 English

Free Voip calls

PC 2 Phone 1.0.0 English
PC 2 Phone 1.0.0

fonYou service for Windows

Messenger 2012 English
Messenger 2012

Instant messaging application for Windows 7

fTalk English

Improve Facebook's chat on your desktop

Extended Share for Google Plus 4.0.2 English

Share Google Plus publications on other services

Social Monitor 1.0 English

Check how your children use Facebook

RetroShare 0.6.6 English
RetroShare 0.6.6

Create a secure private network to speak and share files

RoboPostman 1.3.1 English

Customize the email messages that you send

JW Inbox v1.94 English
JW Inbox v1.94

The quickest way of knowing if you have new webmail

Mailmoa 4.0 English
Mailmoa 4.0

Great tool to find out when you receive mail

Spaz 0.8.7 English
Spaz 0.8.7

Simple Twitter client

QuteCom 2.2.1 English
QuteCom 2.2.1

SIP softphone to speak and send free messages

MSN Spy Monitor 12.87.3 English

Monitor all the conversation that you maintain over MSN

IMBooster English

Entertaining collection of emoticons and winks for Messenger

Palringo 2.8.1 English
Palringo 2.8.1

The alternative to TalkBox on Windows

iFree Skype Recorder 8.0.26 English

Comfortably record your Skype conversations

The Bat! 10.3.3 English
The Bat! 10.3.3

A classic amongst the email managers

Nimbuzz 2.9.5 English
Nimbuzz 2.9.5

Multi-network instant messaging client

Fishbowl English

Use Facebook from your desktop without opening your browser

Softros LAN Messenger 9.6.10 English

An instant messaging client for private netsworks, ideal for workplaces and companies

Magic Mail Monitor 2.96 English

Supervise your email servers

Affixa 3.2019.04.16 English
Affixa 3.2019.04.16

Integrate Gmail or Yahoo! Mail into Windows

Messenger Backup Wizard 2.2 English

Easily backup your Messenger

OutlookFIX 2.76 English

Recover damaged or lost Outlook files

Nokia E-mail Configuration Tool 1.013 English
Nokia E-mail Configuration Tool 1.013

Send your email configuration by SMS to your Nokia phone

Thunderbird Portable 91.10.0 English

Use this email manager on any PC with a USB port

Pidgin Portable 2.14.1 English

Keep in touch with your contacts wherever you are

PrettyMay for Skype English
PrettyMay for Skype

Increase Skype's options

KishKish SAM English
KishKish SAM

A practical answering machine for Skype users

Easy Message 2.3.663 English
Easy Message 2.3.663

Bring together all the messaging services you use in a single client

Free MSN Emoticons Pack 4 English

Add 22 amazing emoticons to your MSN messenger

Advanced Outlook Express Repair (AOER) 7.8 English

Repair damaged emails from Outlook Express and compatible programs

Messenger Plus! Live English

More functions and utilities for Windows Live Messenger

PMSN Paraiso 2.9.00 English
PMSN Paraiso 2.9.00

Customize your messenger

MSN Winks Plus 5.4 English

Add new winks to Messenger

Miranda IM 0.10.80 English
Miranda IM 0.10.80

All the messaging networks in a single program

Google Talk English
Google Talk

Speak to all your Google contacts

Messenger Plus! English
Messenger Plus!

Add more functionalities to Skype

Pidgin 2.14.1 English
Pidgin 2.14.1

Instant messaging compatible with MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, IRC, Jabber,...

MSN Messenger 7 .0.0820 English

The most successful instant messenger

aMSN 0.98.9 English
aMSN 0.98.9

The messaging client to communicate on Microsoft's network

Trillian English

A multiplatform chat client

Yahoo! Messenger 0.8.288 English

Yahoo!'s instant messaging service

Eudora 8.0.9 English
Eudora 8.0.9

Email client with plenty of experience

ICQ 10.0.43243 English
ICQ 10.0.43243

Complete instant messaging client integrated with social networks

mIRC 7.72 English
mIRC 7.72

Chat on IRC with this great client