IncrediMail is an email client with sound effects and three dimensional animations. With IncrediMail writing an email will be more interesting than ever

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If you use a desktop manager to send and receive your email, why don't you use the one that customizes your mail the most? IncrediMail is compatible with POP3 and IMAP protocols and, of course, it is capable of managing various email accounts. But its main distinguishing feature is that it allows the user to customize each email by adding from emoticons to backgrounds and frames.

  Its customization system is really powerful. Offering an incredible amount of backgrounds, frames, emoticons and all kind of details and animations, that whoever receives our mail will surely like.

  Furthermore, it isn't just an email manager with animations when we send emails, when we receive a new email, the notification can be configured like a spectacular animation, and all this without having to install another application. When we receive and send mail, there shouldn't be any problem because the application complies with all the standards, so any mail manager should be able to receive the mails we send with it.

  IncrediMail is prepared to be the most spectacular email manager that we have ever installed on our computer.
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6 months ago
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