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Send emails massively thanks to Mail Bomber. Send emails to hundreds or even thousands of different email addresses once you have downloaded Mail Bomber

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Massive emailing is easily mistaken as SPAM, nevertheless, there may be situations in which sending thousands of identical emails doesn't automatically imply SPAM, for example, the monthly bulletin of an association or a notification to all users by a website. To make massive mailing easier for these purposes we can make use of Mail Bomber, a very interesting tool.

Send massive emails from your PC

The program's interface is really simple because at any moment we'll have the buttons and functions necessary available in a couple of clicks. Furthermore, how Mail Bomber works sending mails is impeccable. Moreover, the program is very complete, with options to configure everything, create groups, manage users, etc.

Like the majority of good subscription managers, the program allows you to manage emailing lists, even though the application's main function is to send emails to hundreds or thousands of recipients.

The program has a specific notification that lets all users know that spamming is an illegal technique in the majority of countries and if they detect that the software is used for these purposes, the license (if it has been acquired) will be automatically revoked, and they will suppress any technical assistance.

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Antony Peel
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