Fishbowl has been created by Microsoft as a desktop application to use Facebook without any need to open the browser. Download Fishbowl for free on your PC


Use Facebook from your desktop without opening your browser

October 10, 2011
6 / 10

If you're one of those people that spend all day on Facebook, you might find it bothersome to have to use your browser to visit the site, and you would prefer to have a "proper" application to manage everything from your desktop. The application in question has been developed by Microsoft, and has been called Fishbowl.

The Facebook desktop client developed by Microsoft

Fishbowl allows you to use Facebook as if you launched your web browser, with the same possibilities, but using independent software, with an interface that has been specially designed for the application and completely integrated with Windows 7.

This software allows the user to interact with all the same things that he would have available on the website: leave comments, write on the wall, check photos, videos and links, update statuses, manage notifications and applications,... anything that can be done on Facebook, can also be done with Fishbowl.

The application integrates perfectly into Windows (specially with Windows 7) offering a real graphical user interface for the social network, very neat and with special emphasis on being user-friendly.

Antony Peel

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