Software for VoIP Calls on Windows

Turn your PC into a communications center for phone calls and voice messages thanks to our compilation of VoIP software for Windows computers

Skype English

Text messages, calls and video calls to and from phones and PCs

Viber English

Windows client of the chat and video call app

Clownfish Voice Changer 1.30 English

Change your voice in real time

Zoom Cloud Meetings 5.2.45093.0831 English
Zoom 5.2.1

Workplace Video Calling App

QuteCom 2.2.1 English
QuteCom 2.2.1

SIP softphone to speak and send free messages

Skype English
Skype Portable

The portable version of the popular VoIP client

Zello English

Send voice messages from your PC for free

Jitsi Meet 2.10.5550 English
Jitsi Meet 2.10.5550

App for making VoIP and video calls

Skype Launcher 1.6.6 English

Use several Skype accounts at the same time

SoliCall Pro 1.11.23 English
SoliCall Pro 1.11.23

Reduce the background noise in voice conversation over the net

ooVoo English

VoIP client to chat with your contacts

Bobsled 1.20.3 English
Bobsled 1.20.3

Call free or send instant messages

Tango 1.6.14117 English
Tango 1.6.14117

VoIP client for voice and video calls

FreeCall 4.15.785 English
FreeCall 4.15.785

Call free to anywhere around the world

Pamela Skype English
Pamela Skype

Conversation recorder and answering machine for Skype

SkypeLogView 1.55 English

Find out all the data that Skype stores

VoipDiscount 4.14.759 English
VoipDiscount 4.14.759

Make free phone calls to anywhere in the world from your computer

JustVoip 4.15.785 English
JustVoip 4.15.785

Make low cost phone calls thanks to VoIP technology

Evaer English

Record all your Skype conversations

Gizmo5 English

Excellent alternative to make the most of VoIP

MicroSIP 3.19.7 English
MicroSIP 3.19.7

A lightweight program to make phone calls

Voxeet 1.1.6245.108 Beta English
Voxeet 1.1.6245.108 Beta

High quality audio conferences

WalkieTalkie 4.0 English

Free Voip calls

Movicha 3.0.0 English
Movicha 3.0.0

FaceTime's alternative for Windows

PC 2 Phone 1.0.0 English
PC 2 Phone 1.0.0

fonYou service for Windows

VoipWise 4.15.785 English
VoipWise 4.15.785

Very complete VoIP client

iFree Skype Recorder 8.0.26 English

Comfortably record your Skype conversations

VoipStunt 4.15 build 785 English
VoipStunt 4.15 build 785

Make free phone calls over the Internet

MX Skype Recorder 4.4.0 English

Record your VoIP conversations

TeamSpeak 3.2.3 English
TeamSpeak 3.2.3

Speak and chat with your friends on the Internet

WengoPhone 2.1.2 English
WengoPhone 2.1.2

VoIP and free messaging software

Raketu 7.2.0 English
Raketu 7.2.0

The alternative to Skype to make calls from your computer

iVisit 4.0b48 English
iVisit 4.0b48

The best way to take part in business videoconferences

PrettyMay for Skype English
PrettyMay for Skype

Increase Skype's options

KishKish SAM English
KishKish SAM

A practical answering machine for Skype users

VoipBuster 4.15.785 English
VoipBuster 4.15.785

Make phone calls and send SMS with this VoIP client