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iFree Skype Recorder allows you to record the conversations that you take part in on Skype. Download iFree Skype Recorder for free and register what you say


Comfortably record your Skype conversations

April 28, 2020
8 / 10

VoIP and video conference systems over the Internet are gaining weight as time goes by, thanks mainly to applications like Skype, which have made communications among users a lot easier.

One of the features that most people miss from Skype is the possibility to record the conversations that we maintain using this service because if the conversation is work-related, for example, it can come in handy to record it so as to make sure that we don't forget any important information.

Keep a log of all your conversations on Skype

iFree Skype Recorder is an ideal tool to record the audio of our Skype conversations because it has a simple interface, an integrated audio player and a recording history to be able to access any recording in a matter of secondsThe program allows us to record any Skype conversation in MP3 format, whether a Skype2Skype connection or a telephone conference. Remember even the slightest detail about your Skype conversations thanks to iFree Skype Recorder.

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