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MSN Messenger became a revolution in instant messaging. Communicating on the Internet was made easier thanks to this program. Download MSN Messenger 7

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Nowadays, social networks and smartphones with all their applications have become the preferred means of communication over the Internet, but before they arrived it was Microsoft MSN Messenger 7 who dominated strongly in this area.

Innovating features

Launched in 2005, MSN Messenger 7 was the last version before being renamed to Live Messenger and is to this day the only compatible with Windows 98 and ME. This was a revolutionary software back ten, that incorporated innovative features:

  • Video calls.
  • Voice conversations.
  • Games.
  • File sharing.
  • Organize contacts by groups.
  • Use of customizable avatars and emoticons.

More attractive to users

If you wanted to get into a new way of communicating, you should download MSN Messenger 7 with all its possibilities and a great graphical interface. With improved design and usability, it became very popular among users.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Internet Explorer 6 or above.
  • Windows XP or above will require upgrading to Live Messenger to connect.
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