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Softros LAN Messenger is an instant messenger client that arises as a solution to the internal communication of a business. Download Softros LAN Messenger


An instant messaging client for private netsworks, ideal for workplaces and companies

August 2, 2021
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Each day more companies use an instant messenger client for their internal communications, but the possibility to contact the exterior can have negative effects on their productivity as well as on the security of their data. A solution to this problem is Softros LAN Messenger, an instant messenger client that only works on private networks, without having to be connected to any server or the Internet.

Secure communications over a local network

Thus we can connect all the computers in an office without needing to jeopardize their security. Softros LAN Messenger is very simple and doesn't require any kind of specific learning. It comes with the best features and functions that can be added to an instant messenger client, like a message notification system, the possibility to exchange files or the registry of all the conversations so that they can be checked.

With a visual appearance that is rather sober, Softros LAN Messenger includes all the features to become the solution to the internal communications problems of many companies.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
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