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Add new winks to Messenger

September 2, 2010
6 / 10

MSN Winks Plus is a program that will allow us to customize our Messenger even more. Is compatible both with MSN Messenger like with Live Messenger, so it won't matter what version you have. You will be able to add the winks included in this program to any of them.

Winks are animations that are a lot bigger than emoticons, they can actually occupy a large part of the screen, and sometimes include sound. They are normally associated to affection, party or simple expressions. With MSN Winks Plus we will add some free winks to our instant messaging client and we will have access to others that we will have to pay for.

Allowing us to easily preview the winks, the installation will be really easy, because we will only have to choose those that we like, we will only have to press the install button because in a matter of seconds they will download from the Internet (if pertinent) and will be installed together with those we already have.

All of the latter without having to leave MSN Winks Plus and without having to modify any other files or perform strange configurations.

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Antony Peel