Chat Software for Windows

Access our selection of chat software for Windows with which you'll be able to talk to your friends and meet new people in chat rooms and IRC channels

Pirch 98 English
Pirch 98

One of the most popular IRC clients of its time

ICQ 10.0.43243 English
ICQ 10.0.43243

Complete instant messaging client integrated with social networks

TorChat English

Chat with your friends in a completely private environment

HydraIRC 0.3.204 English
HydraIRC 0.3.204

Very easy-to-use free IRC client

mIRC 7.68 English
mIRC 7.68

Chat on IRC with this great client

CoyIM 0.3.8 English
CoyIM 0.3.8

Safe chat client that uses TOR

Visual Chat English
Visual Chat

Create your own chat channel in 3D

ThrashIRC 2.9 English

Complete client to communicate through IRC

Lively English

Google's 3D chat software

XChat 2.8.9 English
XChat 2.8.9

Very interesting IRC client for Windows

Trillian English

A multiplatform chat client