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With Zimbra Desktop you can manage all your email accounts from a single application. Download Zimbra Desktop for free on your PC and check it out!


Manage all your accounts from the same application

April 12, 2019
7 / 10

With applications like Zimbra Desktop, that receives its name thanks to a song by Talking Heads, we can verify the grandeur of free software, that is capable of managing that with the joint effort of anonymous people we can enjoy great quality free applications.

Manage any email account

Zimbra Desktop started as a project between three friends that thought up the idea of creating their own application: an email manager. After receiving many collaborations from other users and improving the application, the result was so good that in September 2007 it was bought by Yahoo!.

Zimbra Desktop is a desktop email manager so complete that it is capable of being a direct rival to the products designed by Microsoft: Outlook and Exchange. It can be used both as mail client and server, and it includes both calendar and organizer functions.

It allows the user to configure POP accounts from Gmail, Hotmail and AOL, and in general, it's compatible with any other mail service that has POP/IMAP support. But, maybe the greatest achievement of Zimbra Desktop has been to manage offline access to Yahoo! mail, for both paid and free accounts.

Manage all your email accounts from your desktop and check your Yahoo! mail offline with Zimbra Desktop.

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